ZUK announces Android 7.0 Nougat update plans for the Z2 Pro and Z1

07 December 2016
Surprisingly, the Snapdragon 801-powered ZUK Z1 will get a beta build of Nougat in January.

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  • Anonymous

Still waiting for update for zuk 1
Need volte feature pH not working properly
Feels cheated

  • AnonD-678826

Phone hanging too much
Jan28 ,2017 you told
But June 21st ,no updates

Zuk Z1 not good
Waste of money for buying this device

  • KT

Any update for Zuk z1???

  • prasenjit

its march 19 2017....
and we do not get the update of nogut 7.1

  • Aamer sahil

How much they take time for 7.update.
They just announce but they can't updated
Phone get hanged.heating problem. Restart problem.but waiting for update nougat version.. Waste of money buying Lenovo zukz1

  • Sarva

yes, they are liers. They will say what ever they thinks to cover customers. By my experiance ZUK is totaly waste of buying. You will face some problem in that phone. My friends also bought ZUK Z1. The problem in my mobile is that restarts automaticaly and my friends also having same issues and facing other problems also.

  • saju

this is lenovo's trick....fake people....this is what they said last year and my phone has been dead waiting for update. It's going to be an year now and I did't get the update yet. can not beleive or trust what CEO says these days....zuk is a crook and lenovo is an other crook.

  • Jeet

Waiting till january

  • swaroop

Is this true the zuk z1 will update to 7.0 in Jan

  • Sandeep

Pls send updates for this zuk z1

  • Anonymous

After updating zuk z1 does it get volte support. Must fix the hanging problem and several heating issues in new update pls.

  • Utkarsh

When zuk z1 will get the Nautgut update , its already January ?

  • AnonD-424800

turn off double tap to wake and sleep, it should fix restart issue

  • Vijay

Will it available in India... Coz zuk Z1 is frequently restarts when it connected on 4G... Heating issus.

As announced Lenovo till now no marshmallow update...

Now they announcing direct nougat beta, it surprised to me, but will Wait n watch...

  • Manoj309

It's not from cyanogen but from Lenovo's zuk ui i.e zui2.5.. So no cm13 or 14...its nougat 7.0 beta..

  • AnonD-381576

Jack-theiphoneKiller, 07 Dec 2016What about the official Marshmallow (not Beta) update for Z1 1st?Cyanogen OS for Z1 is death.
But Z1 got MM with Lenovo ZUK UI.

  • Kables

Why is Zuk not yet even giving Marshmallow to us and yet promising a beta Nougat?
Would be great but remember they forecast that Marshmallow would be available on Z1 in Jan or Feb of **2016***.

On those timescales we might see the beta Nougat in Jan Feb 2018

  • zuk 14.1

CyanogenMod 14.1 avilable or not...

  • sivam

CyanogenMod 14.1 is avilable or not ....

  • zulll

wow very good information iam wating ....