Asus Z01HDA clears TENAA with Snapdragon 625 SoC, 4GB RAM, and 4,850mAh battery

08 December 2016
According to the device's Bluetooth SIG listing, it carries the ZenFone 3 Zoom moniker.

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  • Dave

So is this the indian version? Im looking for device compatibility in Canada with the carriers here

  • Anonymous

AnonD-312515, 13 Dec 2016Would've been better if it had a SD 6xx SoC instead. It says it has a SD 625 :/

  • AnonD-312515

Would've been better if it had a SD 6xx SoC instead.

  • Anonymous

yesss.... and as usual they will take forever to launch it in India...

Asus phones are mostly a bit wider than the average 5.5 inch phone at 77 mm. I look for phones to be as narrow as possible for maximum holdability, preferably 75 mm. But then, most Asus devices, including their tablets have wider than average bezels. Who can forget the ugly Nexus 7 tablet that was almost more bezel than screen?

  • Mr.niceguy

How about price??

  • AnonD-570042

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2016LOL, iphone's battery life is mediocre and still far from p... more
Watch this and learn how you can use iPhone... no android phone can beat iPhone in speed cause the optimized ios...

  • Anonymous

the tech nerd, 09 Dec 2016I will be supprised if Asus sells more than 200 units of th... moreMany Indian says its will be killed by OnePlus 3 and will be D.O.A phone. But here in Indonesia the biggest market in S.E.A, OnePlus its already dead totally before. So many condition makes that. I hope many indians stop "judge a book from the cover".

  • Anonymous

AnonD-538420, 09 Dec 2016Yep, Asus is done. They used to make really good device... moreBla bla bla bla then what must design its? Putting that camera on the bottom? Isnt makes any sense anymore. Stop it dude

  • AnonD-538420

Yep, Asus is done.

They used to make really good devices, and the Zenfones 1 and 2 were great, nice specs for the price they were asking in very good form. Then they began copying Huawei, Meizu and whatnot with their Zenfone 3 phones, and now it's an iPhone 7.


  • AnonD-472910

I love seeing the 625 on a big battery its one of those on screen specsnyou know will 99% guarantee to deliver people saying 5 and 6 hours of screen on time on their flagship s7 etc is "good" can't comprehend 11 and 12 hrs screen on time

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2016Only in India.I will be supprised if Asus sells more than 200 units of the deluxe mobiles in india,Asus smartphone division must be so down right now, when will next zenphone series come lol,it will be priced around oneplus 3(30k) because I don't think so that Asus is blind but. It will still be a flop phone for sure

  • AnonD-397942

The phine it's great and i hope there will be 2.5D glass,notification led and backlit capacity buttons

  • AnonD-240901

Specs are good but they should also make 5.2 inch variant which weight below 150 gram.

  • Piku

Asus user, 08 Dec 2016Why Asus still use marshmallow instead of nougat for this n... moreBecause asus software support is crap.

  • PIKU

Will be another fail from ASUS.

  • Anonymous

I think it's gonna be sd 626 cuz 625 doesn't have dual camera support. 626 has the dual camera suppprt

  • AnonD-240901

I like asus zenfone 3 3gb 5.2inch, light weight 144gms and 147mm height, sd625. only battery needed atleast 3500mah.

  • Anonymous

D.O.A phone~

  • Anonymous

Its has Dual Camera, Its will be using Snapdragon 626 not 625