Unlocked LG Optimus 2x ready for preorder, sets you back 499 quid

11 January, 2011
For those of you eager to get hands on the new LG Optimus 2x featuring the Tegra 2 SoC, now is your chance to get one step closer to the uberphone for 499 pounds. The UK retailer Expansys has put the Tegra 2...

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  • Anonymous

the girl is better than the phone!

  • Anonymous

Man, now that is gorgeous!! I mean the girl, not the 100th iphone copycat...

  • Anonymous

bye bye iphone

  • nick

You really don't know what u talkin about
Android is far superior than iOS in any way,the only department that is still behind is GAMES(but thats gonna change!)

  • Anonymous

This is just the intial price,expansys is always much dearer than rival sites and the price always drops even on expansys itself after the first few weeks.

  • Andy Burgin

A Company like Lg who make the most Unreliable phones nowdays,how can they hope to succede again by releasing a smartphone that way to Expensive to buy an run,if the batteries on Android phones were lasting longing it might have been different,so LG better drop this price quick or this will never sell well

  • Midgard

If I need all that speed, over and above current specs, I will use my laptop or desktop. Uninspiring design, pug ugly and certainly not worth more than circa £400 dual core or not!

Would prefer to wait for a piece of eye candy which is also beautifully specified! Oh....Xperia Arc comes to mind. Absolutely begging to be "thumbed".

  • Anonymous

HungWell, 11 Jan 2011You are half right. I would love to get the hardware of the Nok... moredon t forget that n8 only has 256 mb of ram, 680 mHz processor, and 1200mAh battery... how would android run on that??? if it is expensive as it is, imagine if had to be improved

  • HungWell

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2011GSMarena is right, this is way too expensive, we should all buy ... moreYou are half right.
I would love to get the hardware of the Nokia N8, but the Symbian operating system is outdated and cannot compete with Android or the Apple OS.
If Nokia was smart it would release the N8 on Android. Would sell millions because it has the best hardware already, an aluminum beauty.
Symbian OS is dying and will become extinct soon.

  • Some guy from Greece

This is not a pc.
This phones has 2x the cores, not 2x the proccessing power of the predecessors. So it isn't equal to the evolution that took place on the pc market.
We should also take under consideration that it took years for programers to use hyperthreating and multicore designs in pc while they only had two companies (Intel and Ati) to deal with. Now, with Arm, there are as many CPU architectures as there are manufacturers - it's Arm's bussines plan to design on demand, instead of producing it's own single design and selling it to manufacturers.

I feel that nvidia tries to take a head start in an effort to attract developers' attention to it's own architecture hoping that manufacturers will adopt it instead of Arm's custom designed CPUs...

  • hs

usually pre-orders are more expensive than actual buying price.
when it comes on market after feb.10, the price will be less than 499gbp. my speculation is around 450 or less.

  • Anonymous

Where is the preview?
I want to know if i should preorder or not.

  • Johan L

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2011this phone is expensive coz it's a dual core which is still a ne... moreDual core is not such a big step looking from a mobile phone chipset manufators perspective. We already have typical 3 CPU/DSP/GPU cores in current generation. Adding a extra application core does not add too much complexity nither does it make our chips more expensive since we typicaly move to small technology as well from 65nm-45nm down to 40nm-32nm as main this year. But also starting with 28nm from Q2 and forward.

From a end user dual core is a different story, trust me would not want to go back to a previous generation platform with single core APP CPU. Get more user time out ouf my dual thanks to tech shrink but also ALOT more preformance when I need it. So if I were you wait until you have two or thre dual core phones on the market an then you will be able to get a good price on smoking hot tech. Cheers!

  • Anonymous

GSMarena is right, this is way too expensive, we should all buy nokia N8!

  • xedamen

Ohhh nooo. In my Desire HD 768 Mb, Motorola Atrix has 1 Gb... I hope Optimus 2x has min. 768.

  • Anonymous

xedamen, 11 Jan 2011How many RAM is in this phone?I believe 512MB

  • xedamen

How many RAM is in this phone?

  • paul2020uk

Considering LG has taken a back seat, in the recent super-phone war, I would of thought they would of priced this more competitively £499.00 is just too much. Perhaps they will do a u-turn like Samsung who reduced the Nexus S from £549 down to £429, hopefully they will see sense! The build quality does not look worthy of the price tag either! Come on LG play ball!!!

  • Anonymous

this phone is expensive coz it's a dual core which is still a new technology. wait for a few months when samsung and others start introducing their dual core smartphone and that's when the prices will go down with better features at that.

  • Anonymous

all smartphones looks the same. they all look like iphone. that could possibly explain why sony ericsson x12 arc is getting a lot of buzz coz its design is different.