Gionee P7 unveiled with 5-inch screen, HD resolution

12 December 2016
The affordable handset will set you back about $150.

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  • Anonymous


AnonD-614976, 12 Dec 20169999 rs?!?! I can get a way better phone -redmi note 3, k6 power... morejust avoid mediatek devices. Better grab sd 6xx series if you are really on budget, or just go for OP3 for 400$. Might be discontinued in some countries, then take OP3T.

  • JackTheIPhoneKiller

Isn't it the same phone as QMobile J-5? Or is it different?

  • Anonymous

The black one originally have thick bezel. And the gold one, they obviously edited it. The screen is almost edge to edge. Overediting too much. They trying to make it look like it have less bezel.

I really doubt if Gionee has really sold any phone in India. I haven't seen any person here who's using a Gionee phone till date. I mean seriously c'mon it's a Chinese brand and the prices really!!! I really hate brands like Gionee, Oppo which really are expensive for no reason. Please let me know if you have a good reason why you would purchase phones from these companies.

  • AnonD-234645


  • AnonD-614976

9999 rs?!?! I can get a way better phone -redmi note 3, k6 power for dat price....