LG G4 and V10 on AT&T getting security updates

14 December 2016
The updates bring along Android security patch for the month of November.

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  • AnonD-479701

Sabuj, 16 Dec 2016LG G4 will get naughat on next feb'17 where did you get that information from tho cause my lg g4 is waiting to be updated

  • Sabuj

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2016I Wonder if the lg g4 going to get Android N update, and when?LG G4 will get naughat on next feb'17

  • AnonD-205566

That's wonderful! But what about servicing the bootloopy G4s and V10s out there? A friend of mine had his G4 spontaneously lock into boot loop just the day after the warranty was over (yeah, lucky guy) and he's screwed. This is a manufacturing issue we're talking about here, and quite a widespread one too. LG should just give all those people new devices, or at least a heavy discount if they were out of the warranty period like my friend is. Things like that earn that much sought after brand loyalty, and it brings new customers in too. My friend was a Samsung user before he got that G4, and loved it so much he said he was sticking to the brand from then on. Now he's getting an HTC 10.
I was honestly surprised at how bad LG dealt with the whole thing.

  • AnonD-52867

when will the international version of LG G4 will get UI 5.0 and android 7.0 ?

  • AnonD-581826

they said some time in December or February they will release Android N for the g4 and v10

  • Anonymous

Virgin mobile auatralia customers still stuck on Feb updates

  • Adrian

International LG V10 got November security patch about 3 weeks ago ...

  • Anonymous

I Wonder if the lg g4 going to get Android N update, and when?