OnePlus 3T is now available in India

14 December 2016
Both 64GB and 128GB variants of the phone can be ordered from Amazon, which is selling them for $445 and $520, respectively.

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  • AnonD-312515

Just one word, 14 Dec 2016"Greed"....They are preparing their own downfall.Next years phone will start at $450 for the base model and $500+ for their decked out version.

  • Thiru

All business plans to make money..
They wanted to build fanbase and brand by launching phones of low cost (Not to be read - cheap) With CYANOGEN (Known name)
Once the base is established, they are in business mode...
Have you seen all webpages and youtube reviewers got the phone? while Axon 7, didn't get much? Note1 launched with low price and lots of free stuff? (I bought one at the time)
They tested the waters, succeeded, now they are on the money...
But this is preparing their downfall now... me OPO user is looking alternatives now..

  • AnonD-345001

Tax, logistics and the additional human resource.

  • Just one word

AnonD-312515, 14 Dec 2016$520? But why? India is geographically closer to China wher... more"Greed"....They are preparing their own downfall.

  • AnonD-312515

$520? But why? India is geographically closer to China where these phones are made I don't get it, is it taxes or tariffs?

AnonD-510098, 14 Dec 2016Hate how they are slowly increasing the price. Hopefully th... morethey will, also 5,3 inch display. All glass design.

  • Anonymous

The next article of this will cutoff price.

  • AnonD-510098

Hate how they are slowly increasing the price. Hopefully they dont add dumb stuff like QHD on their next flagship

  • mAd

Why I am not order one plus 3t 128gb easily.. is this any problem or not in stock... & when I ordered this ... I am still waiting for last 10days ... please reply

  • AnonD-303615

A very good phone but I'm gonna wait for the slew of flagships next year with the 10nm SOCs