Google brings real-time speech translation to your Android phone

13 January, 2011
Everybody loves sci-fi technology, but it's awesome to see it happen for real. That's the case with the new Google Translate for Android, which is on the verge of breaking the language barrier and changing...

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  • slatibartfarst

Awful lot of flames going on here regarding symbian
an android, my personal experience is this. Having used a Nokia 5800 for about a year I decided I was due an upgrade and was very tempted with the n8 as being used to the OS and always seen android as somewhat over complicated . Anyway in the end I bought the HTC desire hd and to honest I now realise how far behind that symbian actuallly was, and no It's not about the gloss of the OS but the functional layout and way android actually incorporates things is very well thought of.

  • sruthi

imagine it translates wrong stuff....cud b an rofl situation in a foreign land :D

  • Anonymous

Androidhater, 14 Jan 2011Android market is a big crap,for sluggish,unstable android power... moreIts always better than your ovi crap lol lol.

  • ha ha ha

am not a fan boy of any OS, but have seen apps which translate in Nokia and its long time before google achieved that. and some 1 was saying how accurate will this be.

  • Anonymous

i think this technology is pretty cool. but i'm curious how accurate is the translation

  • Yosafat Haloho

Keep enhanced google

  • Androidhater

Android market is a big crap,for sluggish,unstable android powered device
Keep that always in mind

  • Rbdett

Nokia's os is dated move on & N8 yeah good phone thats it ......

  • AndroidLover

Androidhater, 14 Jan 2011Ok let us discuss it this way,how many android phone device you ... moreWell,So you want everybody to use same phone.Like N8 or iPhone.Android has the "VARIETY".Different specifications from diff. manufacturers for the user to choose from, suiting their budget and needs.Just one handset - N8 from Nokia and you are jumping of the desk coz of that.

Just look around how many successful androids are out there you moron.Its for everybody.Not like shitty Symbian when compared to Android.

  • Anonymous

Cool concept. But I wander how well it will pick up speech. Also Google translate is not the best out there.

  • pyre

pyre, 13 Jan 2011Has anyone pondered the ramifications that such technology will ... moreChecking for replies a day later, I was shocked at first that people are opting for trolling and bashing instead of discussing the matter at hand, but then I realised - I'm on the internet, what else should I come to expect?

Carry on trolling and bashing, we're doomed either way :)

  • Anonymous

i mean my galaxy s "can" type using voice typing

  • Anonymous

i have an n8 and galaxy s where is the is the voice typing in n8? i dont see it my galaxy s cant type using voice.

  • Anonymous

Androidhater, 14 Jan 2011Ok let us discuss it this way,how many android phone device you ... moreYou seriously need a reality check......I have used symbian in 5800, e63,n97......
Android is way way ahead of symbian.......and nokia also releases a number of phones each year,,, do no big deal......and moreover nokia ovi store isn't even worth comparing to the giant android market.....

  • N O K

n0kia rulzZzZz

  • Androidhater

Ok let us discuss it this way,how many android phone device you compare you compare nokia n8,almost every month theres many crap android phone comes to beat the functuality of nokia n8,from camera,reliable apps,many kinds of format video playback that nokia can play,correct,fit to screen,usefull apps support,hd recording that android try but it failed,most of that only nokia can do.
But the many crappy android phones cannot do it alone
Figure it out you moron,its like many android phones vs the mighty one undefeated nokia n8 in portability,userfriendly,usability,trendy,classy­ high end mobilephone,etc...

  • Galaxy S Owner

[deleted post]Lmao who is afraid of nokia!! LOL n8 the biggest flop ever! Android beats the sh!t of nokia and symbian everyway... even nokia isn gonna supprt symbian anymore! It looks outdated and works like one! and which way nokia is the most complete os? when the front users cant benifit? Android is million light years ahead of symbian..! ITS A FACT..face it u noob!

  • Anonymous

impressive!!!google really advanced than microsoft now

  • Androidhater

ha ha ha , 13 Jan 2011even Nokia has that....whats new ??????????????Buddy its new to crappy android,hehehe!
Its an old technology used by nokia long time ago,android os crap!

  • Anonymous

Amazing!!! Shame it's not a fish in your ear.