LeEco Le Pro 3 hands-on

16 December 2016
We take a quick look at the LeEco Le Pro 3. LeEco's first flagship entry into the US Market which launched alongside the LeEco Le S3.

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  • Mike

My bleuthout IS off

  • Anonymous

Looks like an Alcatel FP2

  • AnonD-668378

I have had my new Lepro 3 for about a month and so far one of the best phones I have owned. I have had iphones, Hawaie, LGs, Samsung etc. and for the price this one is amazing. The customer support is what was surprising to me. You can actually talk with someone who really knows the product and so I have to give this phone and the company a total thumbs up. Just got a new LG G5 today and doing some side by side and there is a bit of a speed difference, but overall pretty nice. The Lepro does have an expandable micro chip capacity, but I notice it is not stated in any of the specs. you just have to configure the phone properly. The camera is awesome! Now my wife wants me to give it to her and replace her MI

  • AnonD-627034

Being in possession of a mobile version LeEco PRO3,a month ago, i can tell everyone, that deserves ... MONEY.
Do not regret that you have purchased. Phone LeEco pro 3 makes his "job" EXCELLENT.
If you learn to use the settings from the menu phone, for music, camera, etc....then you will see that I do, that is better than Samsung S7, LG, Apple, Pixel .. etc ...

  • Kamal

i just want to know,does it support CDMA sim Indian band

  • AnonD-594301

Where is the review for LeEco Le Pro 3,please ?

  • AnonD-436317

Dont buy leeco
Firmware is a crap!
50% battery lost at night!

  • Dark Reed

MaxSmarties, 18 Dec 2016SD card are a technology from 10 years ago, not needed in a... moreShoes are technology from 3,000 years ago, not needed in a bicycle or car-driven world. Get over it!

  • Flipp

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2016I bought a LeEco Le 2 for a friend ($150). EUI is not nearl... moreI agree. Have previously owned Le Max 2 and now I am using Leeco Cool1 as my daily driver. Build quality and battery life is great, it feels fluid and fast, the camera is really good considering the price. EUI is not better or worse compared to other UI:s. Most people who criticize Leeco do not know what they are talking about. You cant get a better phone at this price point.

  • KF

My experience is that Chinese mobile phones are built with reasonable quality now, but the software is not. They may include lots of software that cannot be removed and these software packages have bugs. Among these phones Xiaomi is more stable then Le.

  • Anonymous

20,400 baht = 568$ at thailand

  • AnonD-569198

MaxSmarties, 18 Dec 2016SD card are a technology from 10 years ago, not needed in a... moreSo your argument is to forget flexibility, re-use and a simple viable upgrade path?

  • AnonD-442781

Anonymous, 18 Dec 20161 are the phones you described officially available in us. ... moreTry banggood.com. the z2 sells for $190. But the mi 5 sale ended so its a bit over $200 now.

  • Anonymous

MaxSmarties, 18 Dec 2016SD card are a technology from 10 years ago, not needed in a... moreNot needed because you kids are not productive with your phones.. Computers still need external drives and why do digital cameras still use SD instead of built in memory? Don't shove your childish opinion on us adults.. We need to work and feed you and buy you smartphones some more

  • Anonymous

MaxSmarties, 18 Dec 2016While tech specs are interesting, who will buy a phone from... moreUnknown to you doesn't mean unknown to the world.. Just shows your ignorance/lack of knowledge compared to an average person.. LeEco formerly LeTV is pretty big especially in China

  • Anonymous

AnonD-442781, 18 Dec 2016Pretty sure it has built in adware in lieu of an app drawer... more200 for z2 and mi5 please order one for me here in usa

Barry Palmer, 18 Dec 2016Though LeEco produces one of the best and fastest smartphon... moreSD card are a technology from 10 years ago, not needed in a 64 or 128 GB smartphone. Get over it.

While tech specs are interesting, who will buy a phone from a nearly unknown Chinese company ?

Though LeEco produces one of the best and fastest smartphones in the world but it would be a no go product for me, even if it is cheap and comes with snapdragon 830 and 835, not until it support micro sd card. Thats the reason I'll always choose Samsung over it.

  • Anonymous

Nice to see the IR-blaster come back but bad to see the audio-jack go. But since these models aren't available where I live it doesn't matter that such stupid decisions are being made.