1.2Ghz BlackBerry Torch 2 on the way, 11mm-thin Curve Apollo too

14 January, 2011
That nice BlackBerry Dakota yesterday is obviously in for some company. We just spotted a couple of new BB phones, leaked in all their press glory and full specs. Meet the BlackBerry Torch 2 and the Curve Apollo...

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  • Manish Arora

BlackBerry Storm 3 leaked too! Specs include 1.2GHz proc and high resolution display


  • Anonymous

new curve is just great!

  • Michel

Hello, after you read this comparison between Nokia and BlackBerry at www.nokiavsblackberry.com ; you might through away your BlackBerry and go for a Nokia!

Enjoy :)

  • dave

IDD 1300 mAh is poor it should be at least 1500 or 1600

  • Anonymous

soo nice ! but i can't afford it, maybe i'll go with nokia.

  • Anonymous

all that specs is nothing if the battery is going to be as bad as Torch 1

  • cindychai

after so many blackberry phone out. but still no 3g video call secondary camera. disappointed.

  • Anonymous

Good spec increase for Torch but those who have purchased Torch 1 will be pretty hacked off at such a quick uplift to the specs surely, especially as 2 seems to be, again, in response to complaints about out-of-date specs when Torch 1 was launched. Those about to buy Torch 1 will now wait and this will hit RIMs cash-flow, and alienate existing and future purchasers. Rim needs some urgent management help.
To add to this Storm 3 is featuring more on the net today, so what mobile to buy, and when is completely befuddling now.
Answer buy nothing!

  • phone shop

Not bad at all. Thats a really nice feature to add onto the old curves to have a 5meg camera. That will be a nice selling point. Torch having the faster processor is a bonus. curve is really popular i can see alot of people just moving up to this one.

  • Anonymous

Wow... how can you tell one bb from another?? They are practically identical... except for the torch that is!!!!