Cancelled Samsung Galaxy Note7 still has more users than LG V20, HTC Bolt and OnePlus 3T

20 December 2016
More than 90% of Note7 units sold have been recalled and yet it's one of the more popular Android flagships.

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  • fab

and the point of this statistics is? why would i care about a phone that can't be bought anymore and others which were released much later or are not even existing in MOST markets. what a waste of time and money for such data.

  • Kobresia

Great to hear good news about Xperia. Keep on Sony!

  • Rick

Big Lies! No one one use Note 7 this time.

  • Anonymous

Chinese phones may gradually top the market share...

  • Anonymous

Good chunk are those with ported note 7 Roms on older Samsung devices.

  • AnonD-404798

according to this Sony manged to sell almost half as many XZ units as the note 7 units sold ...that's not bad at all .

  • AnonD-404798

HTC Bolt ?! what a lame joke ... who in the right mind would buy that crap ??? if I had to choose between the two , I would definitely take the risk with the Note 7 ....

How embarrasing is that? You can't even outsell a recalled product that hasn't been out for too long before it got pulled out.

  • Anonymous

They should return the phones for public safety.