LG giving out a V20, Tone headset and more on Twitter (US only)

22 December 2016
The #LGNiceList is like Santa's list but with more flagships and fewer socks.

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  • AnonD-634556

After the grand success of OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T (the upgraded version of OnePlus 3), the makers are planning to launch the 4th generation of the series, the OnePlus 4 with even better features and specs. It would give tough competition to iPhones
when it releases because of the extraordinary features it would have. To know more about OnePlus 4, its OnePlus 4 Wishlist just take a look here.

  • philips190

After Xiaomi got a lot of positive feedback for the Mi 5 which they launched in April 2016, they are now about to release the next device in the Mi series of smartphones, the Mi 6.
It will have a better camera than its predecessor and also a more powerful Snapdragon processor. You can check out more technical details and also the Xiaomi Mi 6 Features if you want.

  • SJM32

Still no love for us here in the UK! I would love to get my hands on the LG V20!