Original Samsung Galaxy A5 is getting Android 7.0 Nougat update in January

22 December 2016
This is at least true for the Australian market, but hopefully it will be a global release.

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  • Titas

Nippon Aman, 06 Apr 2017We are waiting Nougat for A5 (2015).Hello....I want to upgrade my Samsung a5 device with nougat ...please help me to nougat update on my a5

  • lal2604

is it true that a500 2015 will get nougat update?!

  • FV

i wating for nougat please ......

  • Anonymous

Chanphal, 17 Jun 2018GoodSamsung galaxy

  • Chanphal

A5 2015 7.0, 14 Jul 2017A5 2015 7.0Good

  • Md.zahid

Manikant, 08 Mar 2017Samsung Galaxy A5 A500G Nougat Update Yes I want naught

  • Mido

**Will a500h 2015 get android 7.0 ??

** It is 2018 and still no nougat , what is the baking news ??

  • bijoy

a5 update 2017

  • Art

What about the A series (2015) does they will have an update to sorry for bad english

  • Naqvi star

A5 not update 7.0

  • Anonymous

Ravish, 09 May 2017We are waiting Nougat for A5 (2015).What is release date of nugget version samsung galaxy a5 2015?

  • Rohan

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2017they mentioned in january or in february A5 2015 will get 7... moreSamsung Galaxy A5 2015 31 July 2017 Arriveing

  • Deepak

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2016The processor on galaxy a5 is snapdragon 410 does that even... moreYeah. It can support nougat.

  • Deepak

AnonD-623993, 23 Dec 2016yet my Samsung note 3 wont even get marshmallow Note 3 is a very old phone and it has very old hardware. It isn't capable of running android marshmallow or so on.

  • A5 2015 7.0

Sahil, 16 Feb 2017Samsung A500g get or not 7.0 Nougat..A5 2015 7.0

  • mr.I

Please we need a Nougat

  • XHĔ&#30

Plz A5 2015 has new update with white notification panal

  • Venkey

I'm waiting for nougat update for Samsung Galaxy a5 2015

  • AnonD-642050

We are waiting Nougat for A5 (2016)

  • Ravish

We are waiting Nougat for A5 (2015).