Google confirms that it's launching two flagship Android Wear smartwatches in early 2017

22 December 2016
Interestingly, they won't be Pixel-branded, instead bearing the name of the company who manufactures them.

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  • bug

So, they're going to be branded Foxconn?

  • Gio

They possibly cost more than a rolex watch alone.

  • Rofl camera..

AnonD-608429, 22 Dec 2016I hope they have a camera. My Samsung gear 2 is really outd... moreYou will look like Sailormoon or Power Ranger when you take a picture with that camera on a smartwatch.. Hahaha.

  • AnonD-587598

Would it be LG and Sony?

  • Anonymous

Instead of waiting millions years for Google to launch its own smartwatch, I bought Tic Watch, $199 and bought for everyone in the family in x'mas

  • AnonD-608429

I hope they have a camera. My Samsung gear 2 is really outdated now but I won't barge for a smartwatch w/o a camera

  • AnonD-510098

Hopefully one is made by Huawei.

The last Huawei watch is still considered to be the best one available!

  • Anonymous

People still use smart watches?

  • AnonD-258858

SONY SMARTWATCH 3 will be getting 2.0 update too.

we knew this already. Old news