T-Mobile launches Buy One, Get One free promo for Samsung smartphones

22 December 2016
It's available for existing or new customers, and it will expire on January 27.

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  • Annatjie

Easyway to cook gamon

  • mine

how about note 7?can i buy one? :)

Only way to sell Galaxy phones nowadays is to give them away. Curse of the Note7!!

  • aungzayya thwe:

It's intrest that detail prices & pay rule.

  • mobile girl

the name of the plan is simplce choice unlimited plan.. however the article is not correct...U HAVE TO HAVE UNLIMITED DATA OR TMOBILE ONE PLAN... ALSO ADD A LINE..if u gonna report it do it right

  • venom0706

Explosive Crap, 23 Dec 2016Buy one crap, get another crap. People are smart now, they ... moreReally?

Note 7 is the only Samsung phone that had this problem. People have a whole range of other Samsung phones to pick up from. And if you were from the unlucky ones, you had endless possibilities to return your Note 7 and get another Samsung phone for free.

Man up a bit and stop complaining.

  • Matthew

Why isn't this available in Australia, oh well just stop buy Samsung product.

  • Explosive Crap

Buy one crap, get another crap. People are smart now, they wanted to buy SmartPhones, not grenades.

  • AnonD-491313

Wish European carriers were like American ones... seriously, we would never get an offering in the same level as this, for example.