Report says HTC, Asus, and Acer will all miss their smartphone shipment targets this year

26 December 2016
HTC will likely ship a total of around 10-12 million smartphones this year, down from the 18 million figure it hit in 2015.

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  • Cyka Blyat

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2016But HTC gives software updatestrue. my good old HTC one m7 still gets update from time to time.

Asus wowed us with the ZF3 design. The pricing wowed us as well in the other way. The camera was disappointing. Acer wowed me with the Liquid Jade Primo and its excellent 4K-video but Acer doesn't seem to be trying on the Android high-end. Finally, I don't know what's really wrong with HTC. Probably, it ran out of brilliance, outshone by the likes of Apple and Samsung esp. on the cameras. They never recovered after the epic 4MP Ultrapixel camera of the M7.

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2016Asus made a mistake on their budget LTE phones, they have great ... moreI agree with you on the Asus Pixelmaster camera. Until Asus comes up with a good camera quality on par with the likes of Apple, Lumia, LG, Sony, and Samsung flagships, they don't have the right to charge the flagship price tag like they did with the Zenfone 3 (ZF3) flagships. It's the flagship pricing (on 1080p flagships) and the awful rear camera of the ZF3 that put-off a lot of ZF2 fans. The ZF2 has specs that offered more value than its price suggested. The ZF3 Deluxe/Ultra were just asking for too much.

  • Shogun

Taiwan is slowly going down. They are not competitve and innotive compare to mainland China Manufacturers.

  • AnonD-491921

2nd HUGO BARRA, 27 Dec 2016Xiaomi came to this point with the efforts of Hugo Barra (as we ... moreSamsung is the worlds biggest smartphone manufacturer.1 in every 4 phone sold is a samsung device as opposed to 1 in 8 phones of Apple(they are second btw

  • Anonymous

Before i bought a zenfone 2 with 16gb but regret. Very bad battery. I go back to samsung and sony more reliable even the camera.

  • D

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2016Asus almost forgot to release the Zenfone 3 line of smartphones ... moreAsus software isn't ahead though

Shaun Moroz, 27 Dec 2016Acer, ASUS and HTC should give up on smartphones, at least in ot... moreHTC had the chance and potential but they failed miserably. Xiaomi and Lenovo are doing well in India. But yeah Sony, HTC and LG should seriously think about their mobile strategies. They aren't successful in any budget range. Especially Sony and LG, with all their prowess, they still aren't producing the one product which rules a segment. Even OnePlus, a novice compared to these produced two great phones in their three-year lifetime, and Oneplus 3 turning out to be one of the best this year. It now seems like there is only three-pronged war between Google, Samsung and Apple at the high-end.

  • Anonymous

Just goes to show all of them have not even come close to even rivalling samsung despite samsung note 7 debacle

  • Anonymous

Asus almost forgot to release the Zenfone 3 line of smartphones after announcing them early this year. The pricing combined with the specs in Europe is way better than any competitors as One Plus or Samsung which is a huge plus, but they should have released these phones earlier. Note that what I said applies to Europe, not India or other regions.

  • Anonymous

Will they work together in the future?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-428442, 27 Dec 2016Well duh. HTC is dead. They are not even bothered to push much ... moreZenfone 3 already beat F1S,F1+,P9Lite,V5,Galaxy A5 2016 and even Mi5 here. Its great start BTW.

  • AnonD-1825

This is what you get selling android phones, with android you just can't stand out anymore. Everyone selling more or less same and who sells It cheapest wins, which are those Chinese companies.

  • Shaun Moroz

Acer, ASUS and HTC should give up on smartphones, at least in other markets. They're a big failure worldwide, and let's not forget that Sony, LG, Lenovo and Xiaomi are failing quite bad.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2016There is one common feature in all of them : No Support. People ... moreBut HTC gives software updates

  • Anonymous

I think HTC deserves more sells than Asus. So Asus should shrink and HTC should stop making things like the HTC Bold. Just make a good flagship in different sizes and keep the software as awesome as it is now.

  • 2nd HUGO BARRA

Xiaomi came to this point with the efforts of Hugo Barra (as we see from outside). Unfortunately Taiwanese people will require such a knowledgeable western guy to wake up from this death sleep if they want to compete (of course ASUS is a PCB company and the most powerful chain piece between these sleeping beauties!). HTC is selling Pixel Phones (God knows how cheap it is selling it to Google). We know from the costs that except for marketing and general costs, the profit is HUGE in the smartphone business. That's why nobody will drop this year but they will watch Xiaomi going bigger and bigger as 2nd Samsung. Ha ha ha!

  • Anonymous

Asus made a mistake on their budget LTE phones, they have great displays and good performance but the cameras are worse than unknown china brand android phones at half the price. I see budget buyers sacrificing LTE connectivity just to get a slightly better camera and a little lower price. Asus has seriously misjudged the budget markets demand for better camera, they thought "poor" people cared more about LTE.

  • Anonymous

There is one common feature in all of them : No Support. People understand it and will not buy devices that are not going to get any software update.

  • AnonD-546414

mir, 27 Dec 2016Asus took way too long in releasing their Zenfone 3 line and the... moreYes I agree. Asus killed their own product by announcing/releasing the phone like 9 months prior to availability. It was nowhere to be available anywhere but all websites claimed it was released.

First they announced a low price with good hardware and when people kept waiting for the new ASUS line it took almost a year! And was way overpriced!

Other OEM's kept their promises and had theirs available in matter of months with good hardware and low price.

Asus you deserve what you get! No revenue and low sale numbers!