ASUS launches ZenFone Go 4.5 LTE in India

27 December 2016
Priced at an affordable $103.

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  • jugikz_ph

its older bro's screen flickers, so I hope this one don't. I'm taking about the ZB452KG. and I also hope asus improve its OS on this phone, as the old one has plenty of bugs

  • kk

This phone should be prices under 4000 Inr. At 7000 Inr a lot of phone with much better specifications are available in the market.

Asus has lost it a year back. No improvement.

  • Anonymous

Acer EXIT now I can feel Asus is next to EXIT.

  • AnonD-286474

ASUS has lost it

  • gunj

Ugly bezel

  • AnonD-236748

18 months too late. Moto E2 came out with same specs except for the cameras. Redmi 3s has better options for the same price.

  • Anonymous

1 hour SOT phone , the latest must have feature in said phone

  • Anonymous

RaghavaZ, 27 Dec 2016Asus may have lost its mind. Having Redmi 3s at the same pr... morecause xiaomi = crap.

  • AnonD-487102

R v nearing end of 2016 or 2013?..crap crap

Asus may have lost its mind. Having Redmi 3s at the same price, how can it afford to release this crap? When competition is stiff they should have put same internals as the redmi 3s and some extra to attract people.

  • AnonD-618883

Lenovo A6000 and Redmi 2 did far better than this 2 years before..

410? What? It isn't even supported by Qualcomm anymore! At least the 415......

  • AnonD-625381

Just 2 years late

Go Asus you are drunk

  • AnonD-234645

2 GB ram/16 Storage atleast.
8 GB storage should cease to exist!!!

what a extraordinary piece of crap for this price!

  • bruce

Crap in every!

  • Not good

1gb of ram and 8 gb rom killed it already

  • Anonymous

redmi 3s is far better than this for 6999rs