ZTE Blade V8 with dual rear cameras leaks ahead of CES unveiling

29 December 2016
ZTE has gone with the very trendy dual main camera setup for its next smartphone.

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  • AnonD-463876

13 MP and 2 MP resolution dual camera? LOL!

  • FlagshipUser

AnonD-625786, 30 Dec 2016Joke of a device, and so is the design. At least you tried, ZTE.Absolutely,come on peoples lets boycott all these lazy ass copy and paste Sammy inspired design,we want genuine-creative-imagination design.

  • AnonD-625786

Joke of a device, and so is the design. At least you tried, ZTE.

Compete with Honor 8's Kirin 950 with their SD435, what a joke

  • Anonymous

ZTE FIRST home button-baked fingerprint reader. Object from HUAWEI is MATE9. IF the price is around $200, it is perfect popular in 2017H1.

  • AnonD-191884

More of a competitor to Honor 6x.

SD435 lol what a joke

  • Force Majeure

The Honor 8 can be had for €230 and its Kirin 950 is better than the Snapdragon 435.

Must be the LAST JOKE of 2016 and the first joke of 2017!
Snapdragon 435 can hardly compete with MediaTek MT6755. How can you guys compare that to Kirin 950?

  • Aknouse

I remember I had an HTC evo 3D years before dual cameras became a thing

  • Anonymous

Why do we need this, just stop ZTE

  • Anonymous

This is definitely not an answer to the Honor 8!

  • AnonD-510098

The placement looks good.

  • AnonD-614976

Snapdragon 430 series for $400.... No thanks