5.5-inch HTC One X10 leaks, images and specs outed

04 January 2017
The device will be the successor to the One X9 when it launches later this month.

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  • AnonD-86645

HTC are you want even in 2032 leave helo x10 or not we must see this in all phone you make ?

  • AnonD-625786

AnonD-549931, 07 Jan 2017Lol. I doubt that.Well, they're very close to that. lol

  • AnonD-549931

AnonD-625786, 05 Jan 2017HTC - please - die already! Lol. I doubt that.

  • AnonD-549931

Amazing ☺

  • PhoneGuy

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2017very laughable idea and comment from you.who said son is be... moreActually I'll correct some info that is being argued. Between the HTC 10 and Sony X Performance. Yes the HTC 10 has a better UI as I'm a fan of Sense myself, however the camera argument isn't true. They are both rated the same with a score of 88 as per dxomark. The HTC 10 does perform better under the standards tests than the Sony but mainly because Sony only put 3GB of RAM into the unit instead of 4GB of RAM like the HTC 10. Although HTC is known for running very well so even if that was the case the HTC 10 would probably still have better test scores. Although the Sony still has the front facing speakers which HTC got rid of for whatever reason (I liked them) and the Sony is rated IP68 certified which means it is dust proof and water resistant to 1.5 meters for 30 min. The HTC 10 is not dust or water resistant. I wanted the HTC 10 to buy and would of got it however they only gave one carrier in my country the selling rights so I had to find an alternate which is when I bought the X performance. I used to have the HTC M7.

  • AnonD-505391

great, it looks like a phone thats 4 years old...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2017YES, SONY is better in any way! very laughable idea and comment from you.who said son is better than htc.for example compare htc 10 and sony 2016 phones.as all of we know htc 10 has better camera,better screen,sound quality,front camera,nd htc have had the best UI in android ecosystem. for sure you have no htc phone,also never seen htc phones(especially htc flagships) and never see them from 100miles.....

  • Disappointed

Mediatek crap.... sorry, not interested.

Snapdragon 835, nothing else.

  • AnonD-625786

HTC - please - die already!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2017Sony is better !? HahahaYES, SONY is better in any way!

  • Anonymous

Alien , 05 Jan 2017I used to be a big HTC fan and used to recommend it a lot t... moreSony is better !? Hahaha

  • AnonD-626882

Mediatek.. -_- ... down down down

  • Anonymous

This is continuing a HTC trend of putting slower SoC than the year before.
Many from the Desire line,

  • Alien

I used to be a big HTC fan and used to recommend it a lot to my friends. Buy not anymore!
Last 2-3 years have been disastrous! MediaTek processors are junk if you compare them to snapdragon and HTC is copying sammy by flooding the market with bs phones nobody wants.
Just R.I.P. already!
Now I'm in team Sony and I find them to be a LOT better!

  • zahor

htc rip

  • Nick

Stupid move from htc.

  • DIV

what are you doing htc...so disappointed for you..i cant understand why you are following the style and design of these chinese brand..grow up htc..this is not good..really not goood ...so shame for you htc...i am feeling shame by saying that htc is for life no matter what....

  • grearcoder

Nobody will buy this piece of crap. And because it is coming from HTC, price tag will be whopping huge.

  • Anonymous

Why does HTC keep on using outdated chipset then overprice the phone.

  • Anonymous

Wtf HTC!!! you're following the Chinese phone trend?