Samsung Gear S3, S2, and Fit 2 are now all compatible with iOS

05 January 2017
This was announced by the South Korean tech giant today.

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  • Thunderica

App is now available on AppStore. Search for Samsung, select something published by Samsung, open app description, more from this developer and the last 2 apps are Gear S and Gear Fit.

  • dave

when will it be available? not yet the app store?

  • James

Samsung jumped the gun. The original article this article links to updated saying that the app has not been released yet and that they are in the final stages of testing.

  • Gear s2 classic

Finally! Long awaited ios app! Not yet available today. Best mobile OS with the best smart watch. Just awesome!

can't find the app :(

  • Tony

Will the sync your number be available with the iphone using the Frontier watch in order to make and receive calls/texts without the need of having my iphone on me?

  • AnonD-625786

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2017Cool! Now I can finally get an iPhone,:)Have fun wasting money and suffering!

  • AnonD-628703

Original post on SamMobile has been updated.
This announce went ahead of schedule.
The app is not yet available.

  • AnonD-405901

Just bought Fit 2 & it's nice! Love it

  • Anonymous

mir, 05 Jan 2017Cool! Now I can finally get a gear S3.Cool! Now I can finally get an iPhone,:)

  • CzechOne

still not available :(

  • Anonymous

not available yet

Cool! Now I can finally get a gear S3.

  • Green Veggies

I still can not download apps from App Store.