Samsung Galaxy S8 release date allegedly revealed

05 January 2017
Korean sources say that the device will launch on April 18 due to late design changes.

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  • Anonymous

The phone on the picture is not meant to be the real deal. Its just a slightly photoshoped S7 to give an idea on what the S8 will gonna look like

  • Anonymous

AnonD-628790, 05 Jan 2017Obviously this picture is fake, as the date on the screen says f... moreTime travel feature... Perhaps? :D

A lot more time to get my hustle on.

  • AnonD-628790

Obviously this picture is fake, as the date on the screen says february 21.
Guess what date the Galaxy S7 was announced in 2016?

  • AnonD-625786

Hope they will be taking their time in thinking about the device, improving its components, and not rushing to release it.

  • Anonymous

isnt the s8 suppose to be comeing with iris scanner?

  • Anonymous

Julliard, 05 Jan 2017Changing design again? Hmm. Keep changing it, when are they goin... moreim concerned with that late design changes. no rush samsung. its january and still changing designs goodluck

  • Anonymous

I would say S8 will be priced near Iphone 7 plus 128gb's USD870~900.

Changing design again? Hmm. Keep changing it, when are they going to actually start producing it for real? Due date is getting closer and closer.

  • Noel

With the reduced size of bezels, seems the keys have to be onscreen. I hope this time they have enuf room to make for the slight battery expansion, which was likely the cause of the Note 7 issues. A 4000mAh+ battery will be a very good selling point as well. Also hoping for a bigger size screen...If curved make it 6.0" which will be more like 5.7" since the curves eats up some of the flat surface area.
As good as these phones are these days..for me the camera quality, storage size/RAM and battery capacity, optimization and stamina will determine my choice. I am tempted to just buy the Mate 9 but seeing as how 2017 devices with updated specs with the Qualcomm 835 chips are around the corner...might be prudent to just wait a little, besides my Note is working just fine.

  • iLoveEeEe

Were it desire a ✔✔✔✔­✔ ?

  • Anonymous

No hurry.

  • AnonD-546038

Yep. Better test that thoroughly and make sure the product is perfect because 2017 will be a great battle against the iPhone8, LG G6, HTC11(?) and other flagships.

  • john1102

vkt, 05 Jan 2017...what a very thought provoking and insightful comment....

Better late after through testing than being early!!

  • vkt