Nokia E1 leaked specs and release details

07 January 2017
The Nokia entry-level phone comes with Snapdragon 425 and Android Nougat.

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  • AnonD-624256

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2017them kinda people forgot that the original Nokia is always ... moreWe'll see once the price is unveiled lol

  • AnonD-624256

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2017Xiaomi Redmi 4 has similar specs and costs $105. How much w... moreApple level prices.

  • AnonD-624256

Monty, 07 Jan 2017How do u mean what the point of releasing this ? ? Th... moreNot with specs like 1.4 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 425 CPU with Adreno 308 and only 2GB of RAM with 16 GB of internal storage.

  • AnonD-624256

The Nokia EW1.

  • AnonD-603155

AnonD-622293, 08 Jan 2017You speak as if you own the mind of everyone. There are peo... moreLike a premium Note 7..? hehe sorry I just had to. I myself buy premium in hoping I will get a quality product to last me 2 years

  • AnonD-25384

If Nokia want's to be successful in the smartphone race again they should make phones with good specs in a lower price.
The competition is really tough in the low-mid range android variant.
Even Samsung is losing in the lower-mid end market because there are better devices from other makers.

  • Buildman

I think nokia has a faulty comeback with a lack of designer.

  • Anonymous

Entry level, huh? For a Nokia, it should be adequate enough to charge up to $50 for this phone

  • ChrisV

Carol, 08 Jan 2017Nope. E series were business class (midragers) N-series wer... moreWas E90 was a midranger? What about the E7?

These were pretty high end Symbian smartphones back then.

Granted the definition for what is regarded as being expensive has changed.

Back then folks rarely spent more than 400-500$ tops on a phone.

Nowadays, that price bracket is the norm for a high end phone. Heck the Axon 7 is considered a bargain at 400 USD and so is the OP3.

Not refuting the fact that they're good VFM purchases, but that kind of price tag would be reserved for something extremely rare and premium.

  • AnonD-387282

Looks like a sony phone lel

  • AnonD-622293

Akinaro, 07 Jan 2017Well to be honest its look like Nokia is going to use their... moreYou speak as if you own the mind of everyone. There are people who will never buy phones from cheap manufacturers whether it is from OnePlus anything, they only buy from premium brand phone makers regardless of the spec and appearance. This is a mid-range phone, soon their flagship device will be launched (you don't test the depth of water with both feet).
In the end only premium brand phone makers can support and offer after sales services; eg exclusive software and apps, update and security, etc.

  • tech guy

i dont like non removable battery phones, that is the reason samsung j7 still rules in all budget smartphones

  • Carol

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2017Nokia only want to make some money of their brand, Nokia, w... moreWhat questions me is...why are you here? A very good question. Cause i see no reason for you and some other trollie hier. This "cheap" bull*** subject was smoked since 2 years now as the rumor came out. For Heaven sake! Would you people just do something else with your boring lives? like get out and talk with actual people? Maybe you get smart after and stop hating on a company cause of whom, you now have GSM and smartphones, in general. Pay respect and f off!

  • Carol

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2017Xiaomi Redmi 4 has similar specs and costs $105. How much w... moreXiomi is garbage;). Stop comparing apples with rotten prunes.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2017Awkward naming for a low-end device. Nokia E-Series used to... moreNope. E series were business class (midragers) N-series were highend;).

  • neilgonzales

hey guys! Nokia is officially back with its first android smartphone 4 hours ago. Meet NOKIA 6. Check out the news. hurry! cheers!

  • abuyasin.

I suggest that the nokia E1 should come with 4000mAh battery instead of 3600mAh battery for the benefit of we Africans.

  • jom12

HMD just launched Nokia 6 it's first handset in China.
5.5 inch fullhd display SD 430 octane core processor. 16 -8mp cameras 3000 mAh battery with quick charge 3.0

  • THe pop

What? I thought they're bringing top flagship phones? these specs are just for old phones.

  • iLoveEeEe

[deleted post]High or low that doesn't matter as long as Nokia are ready to fight back, hope it does come with Nokia Pay.