This holiday season was not that happy for Nokia, nor was the year

27 January, 2011
Nokia has had a tough 2010, which proved worse than even the recession-bound 2009. The phones volumes and their prices have fallen but Nokia estimates it has taken the lead in the QWERTY...

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  • Some guy from Greece

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2011Why so many comments on Nokia articles? Because everybody likes ... moreASP means average selling price. But selling to who? The retailers or the customer?

  • Anonymous

until now samsung has been the major provides of nokia's amoled displays , and the fourtcoming n7 series nokia will be using lg display. the displays will be manufactured at lg's paju production line.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2011Why so many comments on Nokia articles? Because everybody likes ... moreThe e63, Nuron, c5, 5250, 5230, 5233 and 5235 all cost less than 100 euros. Are you telling me that nokia couldnt sell 12 million of these? heck, the 523x series alone could have sold more than that.

  • kartoonz

Hi Koko_Basi, you are correct just 1 bad experience shouldnt drive a decision against nokia, however the fact was that i was torchured by their customer services over a period of 6 months and finally got a replacement. And its rather better to learn from ones mistakes than to repeat them and regret. My parents still use nokia and will continue to use it due to its user friendly interface. Its only me who has lost faith in them. Im currently using iphone and its not perfect phone either (no electronic gadget can be) however i've been using it for 6 months and have had only a couple of freezes and sluggish software performance but im still happy. Cheers!!!

  • Zong

Lets see which of them really worships thier brand...just look at the gsmarena ratings...i agree n8 is not better than other phones but it still gets the 2nd place but where is it in gsmarena ratings yes, no where because android fanboys cant see its competitors on see galaxy s its still there...thats the difference between american companys fanboys,sites and NOKIA guys...hope you get it now

  • Anonymous

GrainySnapshot, 28 Jan 2011Anonymous (that one, not that one, no, no THAT ONE, oh never min... moreClear Black Display, no if's and or but's about it. That display technology is more vibrant in terms of color than AMOLED(AMOLED best shown in darker pixels). Nokia's use of aluminum material for mobile devices since the E71. Nokia's web browser was actually above most of its competitors aside from the iphone in 2007. Use of xenon flash in its higher end devices. Anything else you want me to comment? I can compliment nokia where its due. However in terms of competitive, Nokia is zero. It brings nothing to the table that makes it devices more desirable than anything else. So it has a 12mp large sensor camera on the N8, big whoop, everything else on the device is just "meh" aside from the aluminum body. Like I said, you fanboys can reply with anything wrong with iOS, android, or any other manufacturer and if its valid I will not refute it. I'll even give you a freebie, Samsung is lacking designers, they can't make any decent looking designs and are going the same way Motorola did with their Razr series back in mid 2000's. C'mon wtf? Galaxy S, Vibrant, Fascinate, Epic 4G, Vibrant 4G? They all look freaking the same. Samsung even refuses to put a freaking LED flash at the very least on the back of their damn phone. Their refusal to keep up with updates is stupid. At least Motorola gives you a roadmap.

  • Anonymous

Why so many comments on Nokia articles? Because everybody likes a good "roasting" and Nokia is the best candidate for it.
Now here is my turn:
Some Finish survey company estimated the Nokia sold 3.5-4 million N8. Let's see if it's true.
Nokia sold 28 million Smartphones at an average price of 156 Euro, meaning they got 4.368 billion euro for them.
Now let's say Nokia made great discounts and sold the N8 at 350 euro average.
For 4 million they got 1.4 billion Euro. That leaves 2.968 billion for the rest of 24 million smartphones. That means the rest of the smartphones (X6, 5800, N97, etc) sold at an average of 123,66 Euro.
Hard to believe that:).
For 3.5 million N8's they got 1.225 billion. That leaves 3.143 billion for the rest of 24 million smartphones. That gives an average of 130.96 Euro per other smartphone.
Anyway in order to get to the average it means that Nokia had to sell at least 50% of those 24 million phones under 130 Euro. Use the phone finder here to see what Nokia phones are under 150 Euro and think if it is possible that Nokia sold 12 million of them:).

  • B Jay

Nokia still makes good phones. You can't judge a phone by just screen res.
And except Nokia, all other companies use Android and Apple uses ios. If Nokia starts using Andriod in its phones, there will be no choice left for users.
Nearly all manufactures provide same features but Nokia is the one with something different, better and extra.
Now computers will rule over the smartphone market.
I'm waiting for Meego....

  • Anonymous

It's funny when people says that S^3 got "low resolution" when iPhone lived for 3 generations with a even lower resolution while there were alot of WVGA screens on the market already and no one cared for that, and is not like nHD and WVGA got such a huge difference, unless you start to picking pixels on the screen you won't see any difference.
But people love to use any reason only to atack Nokia, just because they hate it so much for being on the top while Android isn't.

  • GrainySnapshot

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2011(1) It is in fact over, its been over for the past 4 years when ... moreAnonymous (that one, not that one, no, no THAT ONE, oh never mind). I suggest you re-read my comments. They were directed to placing a very negative report in proper context. Let me set you some homework. Try to say one genuinely positive thing about Nokia. Just try it to see how it feels. If you find you cannot, ask yourself, is that because there is not one genuinely positive thing to say about Nokia or is there another reason.

  • Anonymous

RD (India), 28 Jan 2011Here in India people blindly go for brand Nokia and it will rema... moreSony Ericsson Zylo better than 5800 screen? lol
It's so stupid to start pretending things to atack other companies, obviously you're not even from India.

  • B Jay

Let the meego devices come. Andriod and iphone will be doomed...

  • Koko_Basi

kartoonz, 27 Jan 2011This had to be!!! I was a nokia fan boy until 2 years back until... moreKartoonz,

Not sure its fair to give up on Nokia because of one bad experience. I have never owned a Nokia (more a sonyericsson man) but hear from whole lot of users that its been a great range for them. I hear rave reviews about the N8 now and its something you really should try out.


  • RD

Symbian for smartphones is what Windows 98 is to PCs these days.

  • RD (India)

Here in India people blindly go for brand Nokia and it will remain on top. But for how long?

Yesterday I compared my Nokia 5800s screen (TFT 16 million colours) with low range fone Sony Ericsson Zylo (TFT 256k colours only) and voila!!! the Sony screen has better contrasts/saturation/brightness than the Nokia one. Makes me wonder whether Nokia screens are highly overrated or Sonys screens are highly underrated.

Next time I wont by a phone just by looking for the specs on GSM arena...

  • jenson

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2011No point trolling other brands or blindly being loyal to one. No... moreI actually have an iPhone, a Wave, and a GW620 which I gave to my youngest sibling. Because I at least didn't want to wish it on my worst enemy. So far I'm with iOS, but maybe Bada might show off something nice.

  • Anonymous

No point trolling other brands or blindly being loyal to one. Nobody will pay the bucks to stay loyal. More the platforms in the market, more the alternatives for all. Diversity is better than monotony AKA LOYALTY.

  • Cocco Bill

rebel, 27 Jan 2011symbian is dying,nokia is dying and all is stamped with low cost... moreA company that's making profit and is the world's biggest mobile phone manufacturer is dying?! Stop taking LSD, because you're delusional and not making any sense. And then stop reading those equally delusional US blogs (Gizmodo, Engadget, etc.)

You anti-Nokia people are sounding more and more ridiculous. Hopefully you are not working anywhere important, because you will do serious harm with your severe lack ofn rational thinking.

  • hope for nokia

Dear NOKIA's Chairman

Please knocked your head..
Please Get up & don't be too proud of your product
I appreciate your ( dying hard to keep up the originality of NOKia village ),...but don't get too village taste nowdays
We are in a fast modern era, and the old things never feels brand new

CHANGE YOUR MIND SET NOW, or you will loose more in the next two years, or even your company shuts down!

Ignore symbian & stupid low resolution touch phone, now get up, and wake up.

We are living in a big city now, not in a village called nokia.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2011Here is the proof that that "N8 sold 3.5-4 million units&qu... more....(and accessories) it means it sold even less N8's.