Gionee launches Steel 2 with quad-core CPU, 4,000mAh battery

12 January 2017
The device carries a starting price tag of RMB 1,299 (around $190), and is currently up for pre-order in China.

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  • AnonD-208655

This Guys are not serious. Flagships comes after every two years. and latest updates, it's almost like it never happens. i've been on Gionee Elife E7, E8, and since June 2015 of E8 release, there hasn't been any new flagship till date. software update has also remain same as E8 is still on 5.1 lollipop and E7 is still stuck on Kitkat.

Then i Joined OnePlus. and i saw much better experience. My OnePlus which was released same year, August 2015 with Lollipop 5.1 as the Gionee E8 now has 6.0.1 marshmallow with over 20 more customized roms, boot loader and rooting is 100% easy, hustle free and fully supported by OnePlus Official.
My device never gets bricked no matter how i far i have gone trying something else or messing with it, because OnePlus got serious Dev' community that will help resolve any issues with hours after posting a problem. and damn! i regretted ever buying Gionee.

I am currently getting the ONePlus 3T and if u love much freedom on a powerhouse device like me, then don't think far. OnePlus is your best bet!

  • AnonD-625430

Nah. Can get Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon for this price which is miles better than this crap.

  • AnonD-625786

MediaTek again. Jesus...

  • Zsozso

Xiaomi Redmi 3s / Prime is better and cheaper ,soo thubs up for Xiaomi !

  • Yeta

How can i avail on monthly amortization basis..because i want to have two (2) unit of these Gionnee model.

  • Susan

Please bring out the gionee covers

  • Guest

OMG it looks "exactly same" as huawei p9 except the home button... roflmao

AnonD-424566, 12 Jan 2017154.90 British Pound, so what part don't you understand fel... moreSo? £154 is any more expensive than $190? You had bet it be overpriced, which its not. And comparing it to your £68 Cubot Note S? I could buy $20 basic phone and wont brag so much about how cheap it is. I dont understand why you even reply "What part you dont understand fella?". Your question doesnt even fit in into any context I try to convey. My last replied was just a question and stating the price of Gionee Steel 2. Learn to read fella. It seems like you are the one having trouble to understand.

  • AnonD-424566

Julliard, 12 Jan 2017You wrote all that after reading the article? You didnt eve... more154.90 British Pound, so what part don't you understand fella, and you say I wrote all that, 3lines, learn to convert and read properly, or get a brail keypad phone

  • Anonymous

back looks like iphone

  • AnonD-624256

WTF is Jazz Gold lol

AnonD-424566, 12 Jan 2017Looks like my Cubot note s with a 4, 150mah battery for &p... moreYou wrote all that after reading the article? You didnt even noticed the $190 price tag that you assumed as overpriced.

  • Ravi

I am already having gionee marathon m5, the services centres in Chennai are only few & they give irresponsible answers or never answer ???..gionee has to improve the service centres first & concentrate for production next!!

  • AnonD-424566

Looks like my Cubot note s with a 4, 150mah battery for £68.cubot the way to go, still this looks a nice phone but bet it be over priced!

  • pj

Why would any person on the planet would buy this instead of redmi note or redmi prime.?

  • Bruce

Amoled display and at least snapdragon 430 would have made a perfect combo...!

  • AnonD-559559

IPS... HD, no full :(
Not intersesting for me

  • qky

Finally a phone that stands out of the crowd...