Panasonic released Toughpad FZ-A2 - a tablet for extreme conditions

13 January 2017
The device comes with certification from US Military - it can work in rain, heat and other extreme environments.

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mohd5rose, 18 Jan 2017Why intel? Why not qualcom?I ask myself the same Question. An SD625 Can work excellently here

mohd5rose, 18 Jan 2017Is is windows or android tablet?Android

  • mohd5rose

Why intel? Why not qualcom?

  • mohd5rose

Is is windows or android tablet?

  • AnonD-624256

AnonD-632302, 14 Jan 2017It will probably withstand anything but a software (OS) update.Lmao good one!

  • AnonD-632302

It will probably withstand anything but a software (OS) update.

  • AnonD-229512

It cannot be used in mining. It has to be certified for dust explosive atmosphere

  • Anonymous

robinsd69, 13 Jan 2017$2,200!!!!!!!?????? my 10" wuawei cost me $100 and I put a heav... morethis one is shipped with case. good device for us who dont have time to make case. ill probably buy this as i need new tablet for field work

  • Anonymous

AnonD-625786, 13 Jan 2017Meh. Panasonic is irrelevant in the smartphone and tablet indust... moretheir rugged product line are well known in the world, mostly with military and consumer with specific needs.. of course its irrelevant, because these panasonic line product had different market segment, doh -_-

  • AnonD-632062

NIce Tablet! I wish all major manufacturers start making good tablets again this year. 2016 practically had no nameworthy tablet. Still no good successor for Sony Z4 tablet or Tab S or Note 10.1 (2014)!

  • robinsd69

my 10" wuawei cost me $100 and I put a heavy duty hardcase with a mini solar panel in the back that cost me only $10... and I use it under tough conditions and lots of dust, and rarely even had to charge it... if you want to trow your $$$$ away send it to me instead, or get 20 grls for that money, best weekend ever....
this is what it needs:
water prof (I ran out of Ziplock´s), a SIM!!!( there is no WiFi in a huge wherehouse or on the field), a hard case with silicone interior and a mini solar panel in the back, ( there are no outlets on the mines or the road), videoconference cameras and make it compatible with office or whatever type of documents management use...GPS would be nice
obviously we need to send the geeks who invent this stuff to the real world...get them out of the computer or whatever.

Julliard, 13 Jan 2017"Sometimes businesses need tough devices that can last for hours... moreThis is the Android version. The windows 10 version already came out about 6 months ago

  • Dovice

Finally, a tablet designed to survive my two year old nephew!

  • AnonD-625786

Meh. Panasonic is irrelevant in the smartphone and tablet industry anyway.

"Sometimes businesses need tough devices that can last for hours and can work in various conditions such as factories, roadwork or mining."

Really? That kind of business using android tablet? Are they gonna play some Pokemon Go during mining in deep underground? Isn't rugged laptop more practical?

  • AnonD-355928

Looks reasonable for the price, but the Intel Atom chipset... kills the mood.