GSMArena giveaway: Enter to win a Huawei Mate 9

15 January 2017
Up for grabs is a Space Gray unit and you will have two weeks to sign up and collect as many entries as possible.

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  • Yajjo

Hope that im lucky

I love this GSMArena, i love the comparison feature, shows the difference and help me choose the best phone of my choices. I hope to win, i want to try huawei smartphone. I love the specs of huawei

  • Umar


  • Racer

The specs are great!

  • AnonD-646926

perfect camera~

  • Anonymous

the best phone ever.
this phone complete all the needs..................................

  • AnonD-641959

Best phone

Suhas S won

  • AnonD-466481

Winner is announced it seems....:)
Its Suhas.S

  • Kings

E'body wants to know the winner!
Relax guys, you can't eat yah cake while it's still in the oven.

  • misa

well who won?

How long would they take to reveal the winner?

  • AnonD-634463

AnonD-637024, 30 Jan 2017Who was the winner?Haha most of us are waiting as well...

  • AnonD-637024

Who was the winner?

  • AnonD-639751

Actually camera is the reason I'm loving it but actual reason is the trust bonding between me and Huawei :) I love the service provided by then
:) Let's see who wins 😊

  • AnonD-121279

Every thing was normal. But, what makes this stand out was dual camera with leica collaboration that too with OIS..
Simply WOW..

  • Rajsonkar

Waiting for results

  • Nikil

Who is the winner. I want to know please anyone tell

  • AnonD-639313

AnonD-633875, 30 Jan 2017who won please?I wanna know this, too.

  • AnonD-633875

who won please?