Samsung unveils Galaxy C7 Pro

13 January 2017
The smartphone comes with a Snapdragon 625 chipset and a 1080p Super AMOLED display.

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  • Ankan

Samsung C7 Pro doesn't have samsung pay option also no nougat updates till now.

  • jason casio jr


  • Amit

Samsung must launch c7 pro in India also. Because Indian fans are waiting c7 pro with a long Time


please fast to fast dileverd mobile fhone

  • AnonD-624256

Jason Melling, 14 Jan 2017Same crap, new model number.Same hater, new model lol

  • AnonD-624256

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2017can somebody tell me where it differs from the normal c7 besides... moreGood point but at least you get 64GB straight off the bat and it also has a gyroscope sensor too (which is missing in the regular C7) on top of the features you already mentioned.

  • Rahul Hussain

I like Blue color please make dark blue color

  • Anonymous

Looks much beautiful n slim

  • Anonymous

Looks much beautiful than htc u ultra.

  • AnonD-521244

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2017same look , different name ,thats SAMSUNGSame look different names thats hater

  • Jim

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2017Another day another Samsunglol

  • Dara

The main reason to buy C7 is Samsung brand otherwise Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus, OnePlus 3T are better option.

  • Anonymous

can somebody tell me where it differs from the normal c7 besides the usb type c port and the front camera ??? like wtff samsung adding pro without any upgrades in memory processor screen or even 4k why should i buy this over the c7 if they both have android 6.0.1 when nougat is already here with the gs7 whyyyy

  • Jason Melling

Same crap, new model number.

  • Meehh

Anonymous, 13 Jan 201713 GB storage used before it even arrives! Boatloaded crap.Or your phone must be 64GB but you can't use it.

  • AnonD-380093

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2017Another day another SamsungAnother day another smart comment

  • Anonymous

same look , different name ,thats SAMSUNG

  • Anonymous

abi, 13 Jan 2017Is it equipped with type c port? yes

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2017Another day another SamsungI loled

  • AnonD-632219