Qualcomm: no, this isn't the Nokia 8

16 January 2017
The chipset company sent an email stating the phones seen at their CES booth are reference devices.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2017You and everyone else that's sure a NOKIA would be somethin... moreNokia is now back with the Finnish people which HMD Global. HMD Global, former Nokia Finland operatives and engineers are the ones behind this phones and the coming AndroidOS-operated Nokia phones. HMD however still has permitted Nokia China to make phones but only basic phones (phones with keypad).

It seems to me a lot of clowns here are underestimating FoxConn making Nokia's new phones, well here are the brands that has FoxConn as their manufacturer:
Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, Huawei, Microsoft, Sony, Xiaomi, want more? well FoxConn are just the manufacturers of your Cisco, Nintendo, PlayStation and many more products. It does not meant that if it is a China-made product, it sucks on quality, sometimes or maybe even most of the time it is the budget or the materials given to the manufacturers plus the labor cost that will have an impact to the product they are making.

do your homework better next time

Glad its not because that bezel looked too big for a flagship and the way the back of the phone looked like, felt cheapish

  • AnonD-216319

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2017You and everyone else that's sure a NOKIA would be somethin... morenope it wont , just wait and see for yourself , not to mention chineese oems are kicking butts nowadays but u will see the camera quality, everyone can make hardware now and chipsets and metal backs its all about a good camera and a nicely calibrated display now other than that its all the same

  • Qz

Nokia have to put it Carl Zeis lens on nokia devices for beating the samsung and all market phones

  • Trolls

Old Nokia : Connecting People !
Qualcomm : Fooling People !
New Nokia : We are still the Nokia Peoples !

  • Anonymous

This may not be the NOKIA 8.. But this is a reference design made by NOKIA.. Quallcomm does not have the facilities to produce a phone complete with OIS imbued camera

nokia cavebears back to cave please.

  • Trooper

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2017Even if it was Nokia, why would they call it '8'.Because the previous one was called "6" ?.
Doesn't take a brain surgeon to work that one out.

  • Trooper

hasan, 16 Jan 2017Was so obvious. Only a stupid would believe these were Noki... moreYeah!, of course you already knew that, because you can read minds.
Don't talk so much rubbish.

  • hasan

Was so obvious. Only a stupid would believe these were Nokia devices. They look bulky with limited effort going into the design as are all reference devices.

Those devices bear all the traits of Nokia phones (especialy Lumia 1020). So yes, it's a Nokia design, but probably not allerged Nokia 8 (P1).

  • AnonD-442017

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2017You and everyone else that's sure a NOKIA would be somethin... moreUgh, HMD is NOT Chinese, it's Finnish!!

  • AnonD-625786

Too bad, I kind of liked the design a lot.
Oh well, let's hope Nokia comes with a powerful phone, yet with a great-looking design.

  • AnonD-631666

This is not the NOKIA that we've are waiting for. Some people took a video and upload say this is nokia. but Qualcomm company already tell this device for testing and its not nokia brand.

  • Anonymous

Even if it was Nokia, why would they call it '8'.

PLAYER SLAYER, 16 Jan 2017A Qualcomm smartphone? They probably buffed everything with... moreQualcomm makes their own device to show new snapdragon processor... they did this last year as well.

  • Anonymous

Thank god I was beginning to worry that Nokia phones will look like Xiaomi phones

A Qualcomm smartphone? They probably buffed everything with optimizations to make it look cooler. If it were a Nokia phone, then I'd take what was presented as truth, but who knows what modifications went on under the hood of that device...

I've been telling you this guys all the time... ITS THEIR OWN DEVICE... JUST LOOK SNAPDRAGON LOGO ON THE PHONE. Also it has no Nokia branding... Seriously... Who even thinked this is Nokia?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2017Qualcomm smartphone? Cool. Fool everyone believing it was N... moreNot really a Qualcomm smartphone, it's just a testbed for SoC. Will not be sold.