LG X300 goes official: 5-inch 720p display, Snapdragon 425, Nougat

17 January 2017
The lower midrange device is to be priced around $220.

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  • Crescent007

nice phone & nice lady.

  • mr. ry

nice phone with a great girl....

  • Trolls

This Girl don't know how to cut her nails :3 OMG .. Those nails are dirty!

  • AnonD-634610

The phones are crap. The girl is pretty much not crap.she's beautiful


Hey LG ? How About Not Posting That Damn Crap Instead Post The Models Of the phone There kind of Cute. ! :D I Want Those Girls !

  • Anonymous

AnonD-625786, 17 Jan 2017Keep it to yourself, LG. Nobody wants that. lol For $220, ... moreGuess what! With $40 more you can buy the LeEco Le Pro3 with the sd821 lol

  • noice

LG always has the cutest girls.

  • Maddy Indian

I want to marry this girl in the pic. In my opinion, she's the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen. I want the girl, not the phone.

  • AnonD-406474

It's perplexing why LG's showcases its phones using ladies. I'm rather starting to think that their marketing team doesn't have confidence in their phone hardware alone.

Another ugly piece by LG

  • Anonymous

AnonD-633635, 17 Jan 2017I want the girl instead of X300...Lame

  • Aku

Same old design, we need new fresh smartphone design.

  • Anonymous

don't just look at the price and specs, you should bare in mind that this LG x300 phone is made of premium sh!t.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-633635, 17 Jan 2017I want the girl instead of X300...Oh ya, the gal looks good

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2017LG could've just used SD430. Or SD820

The back looks literally the same as Xiaomi redmi note 3/4.And you are better off buying their phones as well.For 220$ you can get Xiaomi redmi note 4S or 4X idk the model with SD 653 lol (the one with higher specs).

  • Anonymous

Boring boring 5-inchers

mmj321, 17 Jan 2017I don't know what lg is exactly interested in displaying th... moreThey need a great looking model to make an ugly and shitty spec phone to look good, lol. So there you go

$220 for this sh*t, smh. Atleast 415/430/435 SD would've been tolerable

  • Xcod

Herodroid, 17 Jan 2017nope, not even close to nexus 5 lol. It is more of xiaomi m... moreI wasn't comparing to other brands but just within LG line ups. If we're talking about other brands, yes, that is redmi.

I think they were confused how to sell some surplus components of nexus 5x. Thus they just make this and give it quite high price tag.