Android Wear 2.0 said to come on February 9

17 January 2017
This information comes courtesy Evan Blass of erstwhile evleaks.

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  • AnonD-635065
  • NXn
  • 19 Jan 2017

guys, which February? i got the update yesterday... my LG R watch have now Android Wear 2.00.141......

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    • Dark Reed
    • 8%x
    • 18 Jan 2017

    What happened to Evan? Sold @EVLEAKS? Now runs another account? just abandoned the username?

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      • Tim Cook
      • SeL
      • 17 Jan 2017

      Will Android Wear 2.0 get android pay?

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        • Kibaikasu
        • Afb
        • 17 Jan 2017

        If your device came factory unlocked then more than likely it will be dependent on the manufacturer. If it came locked though (meaning you bought your smartwatch from a service provider rather than the manufacturer) then the final say will be with the cell phone provider.

        So for example, if you bought your LG Urbane 2nd Edition directly from LG, then you get the update when LG decides to release it in the US. But if you bought it through, say, AT&T, then you would have to wait until AT&T approves of the OS update and then releases it to its customers.

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          • AnonD-634316
          • RbX
          • 17 Jan 2017

          Will this come straight from Google? Or do we need to wait for manufacturers