LeEco’s phones and TVs are now at Amazon

17 January 2017
Le Pro3 and Le S3 are the two handsets available respectively at $400 and $250.

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  • AnonD-627034

After nearly a month of use, can say without wrong, the best phone in category of middle level, is LeEco Pro 3.
In comparison, the face other phone brands, as Samsung, LG, Sony,,etc..in the same category, but more ... more ... more expensive, without its worth the money, this phone LeEco Pro 3 (which was entranced, from all points of view) deserves to be called the KING of this category.
Thanks LeEco.

Not a good deal if you shop on Amazon Canada where most of the cellphones they sell are ridiculously expensive compared to Amazon.com, as much as 30% more in some cases. A real rip-off. I buy all my phones, about 3 a year unlocked from online retailers, so I check prices on several sites including Amazon.ca - always the most expensive by a mile. I can order the same phone (that Amazon is selling) from an online retailer in China, pay DHL shipping and import duties and still pay less than Amazon charges.

  • Rajesh shah

Le leco 2 phone is nice one, when it was launched in India i was thinking it will come with high price range but i was browsing leco upcoming mobile phones, so most of the website suggest me the same thing..like..i find at flipkart, shoclue or infibeam.com etc sites where le leco 2 mobile were available. I was impressed with its features. Now expecting Le leco new series more power ful.


Launching date in india

  • Anonymous

Don't know about the TVs but the phones were available on Amazon for a long time already. Like months.

  • AnonD-510098

If they got rid of the thick black border around the screen, they would sell at least 20% more

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2017The phones are decent. I just saw a LeEco Pro 3 here in Ger... moreLeeco came out first...so it's the other way around...;)

Still waiting for your Le Pro 3 review. Come on, don't hold it, I know you don't wanna show how superior that phone is compared to any flagship phone out there. Yes we are talking about Performance, Battery and Price here.

  • Anonymous

The phones are decent. I just saw a LeEco Pro 3 here in Germany, it first looked like a OnePlus 3T.