Google starts selling water resistant LifeProof cases for the Pixel and Pixel XL

17 January 2017
Thus it's trying to mitigate one of the devices' biggest shortcomings.

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  • Grim's

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2017Seriously...who types like this...You'd think they were going for the title of an essay or a novel, the way they did the capitalization.

  • Chris

$90 for a case!!! no thank you a company such as Google should have brought something new or at least featuring the latest designs. Not go down the same route as Apple and release 1 new feature a year basically. But they reeling in the dolla so why would they give a dam.

  • borg

waterproofing is essential I don't see why it wasn't implemented with the pixel it put me off it if i'm honest the first somewhat water proof phone I owned was the Xperia Z then upgraded to the LG G3 it was an improvement in all areas bar the waterproofing essential when you play your music in the shower..

  • AnonD-441890

Having both phones (s7 and Pixel XL) in our household, if you're interested in water resistance get a Samsung. I occasionally get caught in downpours and it's worth the bs with upgrades and such. However the Pixel XL is just amazing! If it had wireless charging and water resistance along with SD card expansion I'd have it ordered today. Blue color in 32gb version only was a disappointment.

  • AnonD-634818

I have this case. It is waterproof but it feels cheap. High cost. It said to test it before you use it. I did. No problem there. But when I used the PLASTIC tool that comes with the case to unreal and open it, the PLASTIC tool left intents in the case that stick out like a handrail. I had to file them down to make the outside of the case smooth again.

  • AnonD-152638

The military spec, could perhaps make it worth the bulky look.
But the great thing with phones with waterproffing is that they don't need bulky caes, and a nice one will do for some protection and for individual styling.

Would be great with more mitiltry spec cases, even for phones with built in water protection, for those willing to live with the compromised looks. Some people do buy phones more for their specs than their looks.

  • AnonD-632062

leaf, 18 Jan 2017I find the water resistance being mostly irrelevant. Even w... moreWater proofing is one of those good features that doesn't bother you if you don't use it but it definitely helps when you do need it. It helps protect your phone from moisture damage, (especially if you're into playing music in the shower!). And not to mention awesome underwater shots!

But $90 for this case is just too expensive....

  • AnonD-634610

NO NAME, 18 Jan 2017 -_- Why We Will spend our money To buy This Crap if we Ma... moreI thought u were gonna type a whole new novel with this

  • leaf

NO NAME, 18 Jan 2017 -_- Why We Will spend our money To buy This Crap if we Ma... moreI find the water resistance being mostly irrelevant. Even with no IP-rating, most phones won't get damaged by rain or light splashes. I'm probably going to change my mind when I drop my phone in the toilet for the first time, but for now I'm much more interested in the protection against impacts from dropping the phone on concrete etc.

  • AnonD-521640

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2017Seriously...who types like this...not difficult.
1. type in Microsoft word
2. select text
3. press Shift+F3 two times.

Now about the phone case, will it dissipate heat as well? I mean high profile mobile phones should have effective cooling mechanism as well. Also, it looks like fingerprint sensor is already water resistant.

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2017Seriously...who types like name does! lol

  • Anonymous

NO NAME, 18 Jan 2017 -_- Why We Will spend our money To buy This Crap if we Ma... moreSeriously...who types like this...

  • Ahong Surahong

Now if OnePlus 3T have cases like this, then it would be perfect.


-_- Why We Will spend our money To buy This Crap if we May Able To purchase A phone That Has Already A water-Proof / Water Resistance For It ?
- It Is useless Since It Will Make Customers Difficult To Manipulate And Also It has Really Really bad effect On the Camera. And Also No Cases Will going To Suit Really With The Phone And It Is hard To Find A Cases That Really Compatible To The phone

I forgot to add in my original post that these cases also make the buttons EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to manipulate. Much more so than with LifeProof cases for other phones, for some reason.

People should be aware that these cases are generally considered as having a horrendous effect on the camera.

  • AnonD-593883


  • Jimbob

This phone deserves to flop.

  • AnonD-510098

The Pixel phone is kind of a fail, except for the camera, which isnt even that much better than the 2nd and 3rd cameras.

Not worth the money, the Huawei 6P was better, hope the pixel line flops.