Huawei roadmap details when midrangers will get Nougat

19 January 2017
The tech company released a timetable - P9/P9 Plus were the first with the UI upgrade.

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  • AnonD-643865

what about nova plus?

  • AnonD-282169

I'm sad that the Mate 7 wont get the update :( It doesnt really need it as it runs awesome on marshmallow, but i would have liked it nonetheless

Jay, 25 Jan 2017I am from the Philippines also. My friend got his EMUI 5.0 ... moreWhat Model of Huawei you have and your Friend?

  • Jay

Ziggy0928, 21 Jan 2017When my P9 can be upgraded to Android 7.0 in the Philippines?I am from the Philippines also. My friend got his EMUI 5.0 but mine is still at 4.1.1
I checked the updates but it says "No Updates"

  • Cass

Will P9 lite get android 7 ?

  • Ziggy0928

When my P9 can be upgraded to Android 7.0 in the Philippines?

  • Anonymous

when can we expect G9 In South africa?

  • John Klimek

What about huawei mediapad m2 8.0 (gold)

  • Desperator

When my mate 8 can be upgraded to Nougat in Singapore?

  • AnonD-624285

Jake, 20 Jan 2017Like when?Probably next month.

  • Ndou

What about huawei GR5

  • Sdk

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2017As a previous owner of a Honor 7 device I would have to war... moreI have already posted my view in this post, but still for your & other honor 7 owners further information, pl.note that about 10-15 days back I had sent 2 mails to huawei enquiring about upgrade of honor 7 to emui 5 and nougat 7, unfortunately both times I received stock reply ftom huawei informing that at present no update available for honor7.
And this inspite of the fact that when honor7 was launched, huawei/honor had announced that upto 2 years honor7 would be regularly updated.This is the way huawei is treating its customers. And still huawei wants to become no 1 in the world, (I.e by cheating customers)

  • AnonD-602186

Still no on P9 lite..

  • AnonD-122547

Wtf... How come nova plus get android nougat so late? Huawei, u are very slow in updating ur devices (except the flagship)!!!

  • Anonymous

Still not update on my Mate 8...

  • Anonymous

doktor1, 19 Jan 2017What about P9 Lite?P9 lite is in testing, basically kirin 950/650 series will get nougat. So example, honor 5x wont get nougat.

  • Anonymous

read the title of the table, its for china

  • Jake

AnonD-624285, 19 Jan 2017P9 lite will receive the update as well. Like when?

  • Anonymous

As a previous owner of a Honor 7 device I would have to warn people, avoid this brand if you want your peace of mind!

Let me elaborate. The phone hardware was very good, with perhaps the best camera on any phone so far (it was overlooked by all the "relevant" websites).

It was the software that really messed up the experience. Still to this day and with all updates it got it could still NOT PROPERLY show notifications. And this is a repeating theme in all Huawei phones.

I cannot for the life of me understand how a phone company, which is all about communication in the end, allow devices on the market that cannot properly notify their owners... And how can people accept that is beyond me...

I am not a hater, I loved my Honor 7, if notifications were working as they were supposed to I would keep this phone for as long as I could.

Huawei was really pushing it last year, but not giving it the Nougat update should really show people what to expect for this company. Too bad they don't care about the user experience and abandon their customers so easily after a year and a half.

  • Shnon

gve P9 lite update for nought