Samsung Gear VR 2016 discounted to $53

20 January 2017
Amazon currently has the device (international variant) listed on its website for $52.51.

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  • musclemega

ayyyyyyyyy fantastic deals ay was watching an movie with the GEAR VR dawm everything on the movie seems to be real ..... am feeling the VR

  • baddar

AnonD-635817, 20 Jan 2017Paying 20$ shipping and 20$ import 10$ additiona ... moreNot samsung problem

  • AnonD-635817

Paying 20$ shipping and 20$ import 10$ additiona charge.brings it back up to 100$.dunno why'd they even discounted it.

  • AnonD-632062

Some killer deals by Samsung doing the usual post-holiday stock clearing...... :D
The calm before the storm of arriving products at MWC probably.....