Sony suspends Nougat update for Xperia Z5

20 January 2017
Users report that the Xperia Z3+ and Z4 Tablet are getting the same treatment, reasons unclear.

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  • Anonymous

Dev, 20 Jan 2017I installed Naugot on my Xperia Z5 Premium 4 days before bu... moreWhat version anyway..marshmallow is really better than nougat..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-404798, 20 Jan 2017mine is working perfectly fine , had some issues in the cal... moreI haven't factory reset it was disabled i dont know why??

  • Anonymous

ProJames, 20 Jan 2017What in the world is going on with Nougat? Every OEM had pr... moreToo much problems in nougat 7.1.1 ...disgusting version..

  • Rocket

My phone sony xperia z5 premium dual problem,scroll screen up down problem,hp lag,so slow sony plis fix it up

  • Diane

How's the nougat update for z5 premium? Does it still have bugs until now? I want to update it but want to know first the reviews of the nougat update for z5 premium :(

  • AnonD-648810

i love the update for Xperia Z5

  • AnonD-640803

Updated my Xperia Z5 Premium (E6853) to 32.3.A.0.372 on Jan 17 and have regretted it ever since. AVRC protocol is definitely not working properly. Bluetooth audio devices will pair and connect and maintain the connection fine. But playback control is non-existent, which was something I used every few minutes since I get interrupted with phone calls and staff. If I knew there was this significant Bluetooth issue I would have never taken the upgrade. Very pissed off. So my Bluetooth speakers, in-car handsfree and stereo headsets have less functionality than a wired stereo headset with 3 buttons.

On the Sony Support Forum there are many users reporting the same or similar Bluetooth problems

  • adak

sony just showing off doing nothing

  • Anonymous

AnonD-491921, 27 Jan 2017It is a lot of fun having many accessoriesBut the most important things is you gonna remember to bring all of it or it must be spoil the mood. I guessing 1 bag of modules and accessories should be bring to make it easier to get what you need and to prevent forget bring it.

  • AnonD-491921

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2017One more reason I don't pick LG, because the modules, I hat... moreIt is a lot of fun having many accessories

[deleted post]Its a good profit keeping in mind that it was in the red for past few quarters. Its really a good news for mobile division.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-491921, 26 Jan 2017You can buy B&O hifi plus module for thatOne more reason I don't pick LG, because the modules, I hate to bring all the modulesss. Iphone also have many accessories can be bring that's why I also don't like it, because I want the simply one device/item to easy my life style, I don't want bring a lot of things while I am travel or something else. I can accept bring a 3.5 mm in-ear earphone and maybe a powerbank, it is quite heavy to me, so I can't bring the modulessss and accessoriessss.

  • AnonD-491921

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2017LG is not my choice, overall it still behind my expectation... moreYou can buy B&O hifi plus module for that

  • Anonymous

AnonD-491921, 24 Jan 2017Well LG is wayyy bigger than sony. HTC may be the first to... moreLG is not my choice, overall it still behind my expectation. I want the battery strong/durable enough, but the LG use 2K screen and second screen to waste the battery and nothing battery care in his mind (I use the 1080p screen it is very enough to use in a 5.2 inch screen). The audio perfomance, I always play most of the mp3 file because I want to saving more songs and save the storage for my future photos and videos, but LG smartphone can't upscaling the mp3 quality. Sony can upscaling the mp3 quality even I use a general earphone or I can also connect though bluetooth to other devices. Dedicated camera button launch the camera faster than unlock after launch the camera. Waterproofing and dustproof and sturdy made is important too, but LG making the removable battery is not sturdy and most of the LG flagships not waterproof and dustproof. Beautifully design, LG always below my expectation.

Yes LG is big company and Sony also a big company. but about the smartphone, LG below my expectation.

AnonD-491921, 25 Jan 2017None of the pictures by sony were hit.this was the year of ... moreBut surprisingly an year on year increase in the mobile division. Thats all what matters right.

  • AnonD-491921

AadiRizvi, 25 Jan 2017And what about Sony Pictures, Music, Financial Services, Se... moreNone of the pictures by sony were hit.this was the year of Disney
Well good profit from their PS4 and camera sensor divison boosted their overall profit and their revemue but they still posted $7.6 billion less in revenue and $2.5 billion less in profit from 2015

AnonD-491921, 24 Jan 2017Well LG is wayyy bigger than sony. HTC may be the first to... moreAnd what about Sony Pictures, Music, Financial Services, Semi Conductor business, Display business (JDI) etc. etc. And yes LG is big too but LG is doing worst time right now compared to Sony when it comes to mobile, every quarter they are in losses. Thanks to Sony's highest per unit profit, they make more money than LG mobile.

  • AnonD-491921

AadiRizvi, 24 Jan 2017Well Nokia & Blackberry both had different kind of scen... moreWell LG is wayyy bigger than sony.
HTC may be the first to go because they are a phone maker and now a ViVe make
Sony is struggling in most of its divisions except for Its PS4 and camera department

  • AnonD-463876

AnonD-481725, 23 Jan 2017I will tell you why, for example, i have friends in a known... moreThey must be using a low-end Galaxy not a top-of-the-line variant. People who don't know a whole lot about smartphones gravitate toward the most popular brands like the Galaxy and iPhone. iPhone users won't even look at Android because they find it too complicated or they're just used to the simplified iOS experience, whereas Galaxy users are aware of other well-established brands they just tend to enjoy Samsung more due to its many software features and advanced hardware; they don't mind paying top dollars for the best of the best.

AnonD-491921, 24 Jan 2017Would you rather chose Sony which is going the way of Nokia... moreWell Nokia & Blackberry both had different kind of scenarios and mistakes which is not the case with Sony.
Let me show you a comment i recently posted on the same thread:
"Sorry to disappoint you but the first one will be htc if extinction is what is going to happen next, then LG and then may be Sony Mobile because Sony has enough cash to pour into their mobile division and from 2016, it has turned profitable unlike htc and LG."