Sprint acquires 33% of Tidal, lossless streaming coming to its subscribers

23 January 2017
It's not clear if Sprint folk will get a free subscription, a lower price of entry or what.

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  • vGR
  • 16 Mar 2018

I have some hiccups with TIDAL, as sometimes will stop playing even with a good broadband connection, or suddenly the songs will shift fast without playing, but in general so far it works fine most of the time, most considering it is a new launch. Now I am using musconv. It imparts the best music high quality and great collection. You can read more about it at : https://musconv.com


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    • Ca9
    • 27 Jan 2017

    LOL. I'm a Sprint customer and I have zero interest in this even if it were free. I would rather they have put that money back into incentivizing existing customers to stick around or put it into better service.

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      • 3Yc
      • 24 Jan 2017

      Is Tidal profitable?

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        • 6BT
        • 23 Jan 2017

        Too bad Sprint's service is wack.

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          • qNh
          • 23 Jan 2017

          Actually lossless, or Sprint's definition of lossless?