IDC report says smartphones outsell computers for the first time

09 February, 2011
2010 was defined by a series of explosive growths in the smartphone market. For the first time ever, smartphones have outsold traditional computers, says IDC. Leading manufacturers posted...

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  • 29 Apr 2011

I would like to point out that things are invented to bring about change or to assist to a particular end. If for most people Smartphones is the way to go someone will invent ways in which we can still accomplish some of the things we use computers for, using other means. Remember the human mind is dynamic and innovative, I am blown away at what people are coming up with everyday to work with open minded and embrace the future....Coz no one knew Facebook in 2001...Now 700+ million people use it.

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    • 25 Mar 2011

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      • 10 Feb 2011

      Totally useless statistics. if you ranked the phones by OS, that would do better. or PC vs Laptops...

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        • 10 Feb 2011

        AnonD-291, 09 Feb 2011Go samrtphones........SAMRTphones? You made my day. In my language samrt = deathbed or the process of dying. Anyway, I agree with the people below who say that you don't buy a computer every year.

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          • 10 Feb 2011

          it's PC packing power smartphone!!

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            • 09 Feb 2011

            Tony D, 09 Feb 2011That's like saying Frozen chickens outsell Bicycles. Th... moreSmartphones these days can perform many of the functions of a computer. Ever since I got a smartphone, I have been using my computer less and less because things I used to do with my computer, I can also do with my phone. Granted that the phone does not completely replace the PC, these statistics are interesting in that more and more people have many of the PC's capabilities on a mobile device.

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              • 09 Feb 2011

              interesting numbers, i wonder if nokia can hold up its no.1 position by the end of 2011. apple should maintain 2nd, rim probably 4th or even 5th, htc 5th or 4th and samusng defnitely 3rd

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                • 09 Feb 2011

                Tony D, 09 Feb 2011That's like saying Frozen chickens outsell Bicycles. Th... moreI agree with u; besides whats the point in comparing smartphones with computers!? Smartphones would never be able to handle the things a PC (Desktop/Laptop) can achieve, like: playing intensive graphic games (COD, AC2, etc...) or handle engineering software (AutoCAD, MatLAB) or many other stuff. I think the only good thing a smartphone can do almost as equal as a PC is web surfing and check emails!!!.

                Keep in mind also that most people buy a PC and keep them like for 5 or even 8 years!! with them before changed it; while others don't buy a whole PC but just simple upgrade some parts (CPU, RAM, HDD, VGA). That's not the case with smarthpones, many people changed them in 1 or 2 years, even in months!!! and they have to buy a WHOLE smartphone because u can't upgrade them in parts like changing the SUPER LCD for an SUPER AMOLED xD.

                So I really don't get the point of this IDC report... pretty pointless and useless

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                  • 09 Feb 2011

                  Tony D, 09 Feb 2011That's like saying Frozen chickens outsell Bicycles. Th... moreafter Thinking about what you wrote... your right :P

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                    • Tony D
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                    • 09 Feb 2011

                    That's like saying Frozen chickens outsell Bicycles.

                    They are unrelated.

                    People buy phones for a different reason than computers. Or even if some of them don't it's still a totally pointless survey, because you need to know how many people bought a phone INSTEAD of a computer and how many people bought a computer INSTEAD of a phone.

                    This whole survey is statistically pointless

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                      • 09 Feb 2011

                      AnonD-583, 09 Feb 2011No way. Let me guess they cost like a quater of the price?there are smartphones that cost twice as much as laptops (not even going to consider Vertu etc) some more market research...

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                        • 09 Feb 2011

                        No way. Let me guess they cost like a quater of the price?

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                          • 09 Feb 2011

                          Go samrtphones........