Xiaomi Mi Note 2 to have a Blue Coral color variant as well

30 January 2017
The new model has been spotted in photos.

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  • AnonD-632062
  • 3Yc
  • 31 Jan 2017

Why use the exact same name? Why not try something different like "Blue Reef"?

    God save blue coral!, 30 Jan 2017It is such a silly thing that manufacturers use a different... moreS7 edge blue coral is same as other variants in India... No extra price

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      • Anonymous
      • XPN
      • 30 Jan 2017

      What's next ? It spontaneously combusts ?

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        • God save blue coral!
        • Sf{
        • 30 Jan 2017

        It is such a silly thing that manufacturers use a different color to market an old product at higher prices. S7 Edge Blue Coral is sold at ridiculously high prices. I can't see a big difference between a blue S3 (which nobody gives a s..t now) and S7 Edge blue. I guess the world lost the common sense totally and silly things get the credit. God save our sanity!

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          • AlphaFox
          • nxe
          • 30 Jan 2017

          Wow...these lot are really copying samsung every step of the way

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            • gMD
            • 30 Jan 2017

            Don't matter, it will only available in China.

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              • plasticlover
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              • 30 Jan 2017

              why? ceo of xiaomi holding a samsung device

                Too bad it doesn't have the S-Pen...

                I love Blue Coral color, it's fresh color, soft to look at, unlike the striking sapphire blue on the HTC U . And talking about Blue color makes me want the Violet Blue Samsung Notebook 9 (sorry, out of the topic)

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                  • mir
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                  • 30 Jan 2017

                  When someone gets a hit color or design. You can bet that everyone will want in on it as well.

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                    • AnonD-617820
                    • x7v
                    • 30 Jan 2017

                    just like google pixel series, oh and snapdragon 835 sold to samsung