Over a million Netgear router users open to attacks

31 January 2017
Researchers have discovered a vulnerability of 31 different Netgear models.

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  • jomes

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  • jomes

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  • AnonD-726390

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  • Anonymous

This article assumes that they have updated the firmware for all of the affected models.

The fact is that many companies don't bother updating the majority of their products, not even their most recent products. And it is now the case that many of these poorly designed/ implemented products are being used in large scale distributed denial of service attacks and related security attacks.

Manufacturers are supposed to be held responsible for the impact they have on our lives, by the relevant Regulators. However I believe there are now far too many shortcomings, and they now need to take responsibility for this impact, themselves.

  • diman82

DD-WRT - there are non security flaws I'm aware of.

AnonD-625621, 31 Jan 2017Positive and negative forces will always exist... no amount of t... moreWe need more talent on the positive side.

  • Pyro


Jack, 31 Jan 2017OpenWRT!!! Firms should allow us to patch devices. Except some of them are modem routers that also do adsl2+ or vdsl2, so none of them are too keen on letting people mess with that.

and that are the router brand my isp uses :/ if only asus would make powerful routers with coax connection, i would be fully free of my isp hardware. but sadly, that isnt how it works here in denmark :/

  • Jack


Firms should allow us to patch devices.

  • AnonD-625621

Technology isnt changing the world... the is as it eas 1000s of yrs ago...

  • AnonD-625621

Positive and negative forces will always exist... no amount of tech dev can reduce the negative tendencies