32GB Pixel C no longer available from Google Store

31 January 2017
The Android-powered Pixel tablet is no longer available in the 32GB flavor from the Google Store.

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  • AnonD-640740

This is a GREAT device, bought it after the release and I love it.
1.minor issue is the keyboard, only available in QWERTY layout.
the strange thing was, not many peoples did know that this was only for sale in Google store. Will it hit the shops?

  • Anonymous

This could have been a real flagship killer if only it came preinstalled with Nougat functionalities most notably dual window, which already existed on Samsung note line. It's sad to see how it ended and how it probably will have no future, as it could have been the real android tablet alternative to the iPad dominion in an already declining market.

  • AnonD-39937

The succesor or at least a very powerful Pixel tablet running Android or chrome Os is coming...