Samsung Galaxy S2 full specifications leak, pre-MWC style

11 February, 2011
UK online retailer Expansys posted today the complete specifications of the next generation Samsung Galaxy S phone. While the specs sheet looks plausible enough, nobody really knows whether they’ll turn...

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  • AnonD-44415

I am interested in a (4G)phone, maybe an andriod(Andy Rubin), The features in Svmsung Galaxy S2 is exciting but I like to listen to music in my car using my (3.5G)Nokia N97 radio transmitter. In the features listed for Svmsung Galaxy S2 I did not read it has a radio transmitter. Pls I need to know if this feature is included in it or give me other options of a 4G,andriod......... Thanks

  • Anonymous

memory : written wrong its 1 GB not
512 MB


LG / Long Gone, 15 Feb 2011HAVE YOU checked the weight of LG? its peice of Brick man, 168g... moreDumbo 58g more is worth the nvdia tegra processor with tegra gaming .... if u dnt noe wat tegra devices is google it lol :P some ppl dnt noe anythin bout phones n they compare weight n al :D lol

  • aaaaa


  • LG / Long Gone

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2011Galaxy S won the first round in Android wars, but I think LG may... moreHAVE YOU checked the weight of LG?
its peice of Brick man, 168g compare to 110g S2!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2011i have yet to buy an SGS iv always wanted one, but i waited for ... morethats exactly my reason too!!

  • Anonymous

Galaxy S won the first round in Android wars, but I think LG may be in contention this time round. This looks weak in comparison.

  • Anonymous

what is that talking time: tbc hours?

  • Anonymous

i have yet to buy an SGS iv always wanted one, but i waited for the 2nd ver only because there was no flash in the 1st ver, im am getting my hand on this when in comes to NZ

  • AnonD-1455

It's so slim
i like it!!!

  • Oublin-b

Well I am form jamaica and I love samsung phones but the 512mb is really disapointing I think you can do better, you are disapointing fans all over the world.

  • Anonymous

Persian, 12 Feb 2011515mb RAM?!!! No Way..!!! The website set this ... morehopefully the specs you mentioned are the right one, i agree if its 512MB RAM then it's quite disappointing...

  • abusamawi

i see a slight upgrade from the ever famous SGS.. i would not upgrade from my galaxy S to this one.. not yet.

  • Persian

515mb RAM?!!! No Way..!!!
The website set this phone for sale. (Pre-order)
And here is the description of this phone on that website:

•Powerful dual-core 1.2GHz Samsung Orion processor
•Ultra sharp 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen
•Next-generation Bluetooth 3.0
•NFC technology for contactless payments and more
•1GB RAM lets you multitask with ease
•Comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread
•8MP camera with LED flash and 1080p video recording with 1.3MP front-facing camera for video calls.

If samsung launch this phone whit 512mb RAM!!! and no Orion processor, I wouldn't buy that. In that case, Motorola ATRIX Would be a better choice.

  • SUB

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2011so you would rather have a nokia? or maybe an incremental iphone... moreNOP... m using SE x10 mini pro & samsung galaxy 3.
i hv bad experience of samsung coz of low quality hardware.

  • Anonymous

Seems like the battery life will be worse then current phones. With dual this, super that, what good is it when the battery life will still be crap?

  • thunderising

Sun, 11 Feb 2011My next phone.....the only possible upgrade to I9000 Galaxy S.......Adreno 205??

Thats like worse than PowerVR SGX540 man.... WTH are Samsung doing...

  • march

this is really my next phone, i cant wait for it, love samsung and se always

  • Anonymous

512mb? really Samsung?

  • viky

Samsung plz don disappoint us! V hav a lota expectations from galaxy s2. Dump snapdragon nd go wid Orion o Wat ever its called now!