Google Now Launcher will die by the end of March

03 February 2017
The news comes from Google itself through a leaked email sent to its partners.

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Does Google actually have a clear product vision?

  • Pulak

google pixel launcher is better than google now launcher... definately!!

  • AnonD-641783

Now we need to lool for other option....meh

  • Anonymous

Never really liked it to be honest, only thing I liked was how smooth the G Search and Google now page animations were vs the Nova ones which just pop up but Google Now Launcher was so basic that it was unusable in my case.

  • AnonD-456829

I always use Nova Launcher on my phones.It's just way better than Google Now Launcher

  • AnonD-625786

I don't use launches. Also, Pixel Launcher is better than Google Now launcher anyway.

  • AndroidFans

Google now launcher is the best launcher design, app drawer and menu, but it indeed need alteration or upgrade, Pixel launcher could be an alternative to Google now launcher, I'm Asus users in addition to using ZenUI, because already support Marshmallow os automatic can use the Pixel launcher.

  • AnonD-632062

forroati, 04 Feb 2017Does Google actually have a clear product vision?True. Google first needs to hire someone to organize themselves, their naming schemes and their product vision.

  • AnonD-615868

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2017Very bad. This means: When you buy for instance a LG smartphone,... moreTry nova launcher, it is way better than Google Launcher, i am using the prime version in my Huawei P8 coz i hate the default launcher in this phone.

Does Google actually have a clear product vision?

Google now discontinued in 2015
Go and see the last update date

  • Anonymous

Never liked it, even though I tried it a few times.

  • Anonymous

I'm using ZenUI launcher and it is working well. Try it.

  • Simon

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2017The day Google stops support for my6p I'm buying an iPhone. Had ... moreYeah, something bad is happening with Google. The Alphabet and then the Pixel replacing the classic Nexus line? I don't really like it.. still, other companies are actually making good Android phones,

  • ejrome

what the h3ll is google doing these days. ending good things like this.

  • Anonymous

The day Google stops support for my6p I'm buying an iPhone. Had enough of this vision less company.

  • Simon

It was a really poor launcher anyway. Google Now is not even remotely useful yet.

  • AnonD-630235

Phone with it on it already will keep it but no more updates.The app/launcher will be deleted from the play store so no one else will be able to install it

AnonD-301306, 03 Feb 2017No problem. I've been using Arrow launcher and it works well. Bye GNL.I like the most used apps fill in reverse order. It enables about 20 app (depending on the screen size) to fill up in reverse order in App page making the mostly used app closest to the thumb.

Unfortunately my phone uses non standard practices making it hard to use alternative launchers.

  • Anonymous

The most boring launcher I've ever used