LG KE800 Chocolate Platinum

31 Oct, 2006
LG announced a major update to their famous Chocolate phone lineup featuring a serious face-lift and a heavy improvement of the available equipment. The new LG KE800 basically takes of all drawbacks...

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  • Anonymous

SE fanboy below, get a life......Have you got/used the phone? this phone looks very classy. Platinum edition, why not. LGs music player rocks. sound quality is awesome. hope typing is fast this time. Wish the screen is 320*240.

  • Anonymous

what a waste of time. the slide will break within a year, lg is garbage for reception, if you want a good bat life SE is the way to go. LG's r horrible no matter what always have been always will be.

  • Frank Jones

This handset is fantastic, I am a tester for lg moto and s/e, I have had this phone for about 3 weeks, the bat life is fantastic lasts about 4 days with heavy usage, even though the camera is 2mp it still more than holds it own against the k800i, the screen res is second to none, using a new 3rd gen screen its very near to hi def, it has a high frequency blue tooth taking the range from about 10 met up to 50!
The quality of the video matches the nokia n93, this phone is out in the UK second week of nov and is going to be worth every penny,

  • Johnny W

This looks like an improvement but I wonder how is the screen quality. Not much of an LG fan but I can see this phone to be come really popular with the masses.