Exclusive: Photos of LG Watch Style leaked

06 February 2017
LG Watch Style packaging was pictured, revealing the design of the smartwatch.

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  • Alex_PR
  • PeN
  • 07 Feb 2017

Rick, 07 Feb 2017My LG urban 2nd addition purchased in Oct 2016 stoped pairi... moreYou will need pairing it with a Android phone and update the watch with the last security patch, after that, you will pair with your iphone again... Google need solve this problem with Android Wear updates only happening with Android Phones.

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    • Anonymous
    • sAU
    • 07 Feb 2017

    It seems ALL smartwatch mfgrs are making the same watch; same spec without any enhancements, one after the other?! WTF are these idiots doing? Show some differentiation and improvements instead of the same boring specs from get go. I will NOT buy this crap!

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      • Anonymous
      • XNk
      • 07 Feb 2017

      battery so small, no improvement, really disappointing
      hopes smartwatch maker can make improvement with 4-7 days battery life

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        • Rick
        • krE
        • 07 Feb 2017

        My LG urban 2nd addition purchased in Oct 2016 stoped pairing with the new apdate to iPhone7
        Any solution?????

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          • Mailman
          • Yca
          • 06 Feb 2017

          Good price, mic for answer calls and good battery for this one and it's perfect for my needs!
          Heartbeat sensor is nice, but it's absolutely unnecessary and what's most important it's not 100% accurate.

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            • AnonD-642228
            • LDw
            • 06 Feb 2017

            Awful, looks like a 15 dollar smartwatch that has to do nothing with the word "Style"

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              • Paul
              • mqr
              • 06 Feb 2017

              Without Heart rate monitor & NFC is a joke & the Sport is way to thick. No thanks.

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                • AnonD-51450
                • 6tS
                • 06 Feb 2017

                Anonymous, 06 Feb 2017Nobody cares about smartwatches. Nobody except for people who do.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 3K3
                  • 06 Feb 2017

                  Nobody cares about smartwatches.

                    LG = IPS (Passive matrix)
                    Samsung = PLS TFT (Active matrix)

                    LG = P-OLED (Passive matrix)
                    Samsung = AMOLED (Active matrix)

                    LG is passive while Samsung is active, that's why Samsung is rising while LG was suffering LOL (i'm joking)