Alcatel Idol 5S surfaces at Geekbench

10 February 2017
The device will have Helio P20 SoC, 3GB RAM and Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box.

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A flagship device with Helio P chipset? Even Helio X are considered upper midrange, this can only be considered lower midrange...

    [deleted post]Where did you hear that?

      Mediatek is a let down but what about the RAM? 3gb was disappointing last year for a $400 phone. This thing better be more like $250 (and I still wouldn't buy it over the G5 plus)

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        • 11 Feb 2017

        Handyinsider, 10 Feb 2017Goodbye Alcatel...what a massive f*ckup. MediaTek processor... moreYou can use a mediatek if you use a good one

          droidprada, 10 Feb 2017From a SD652 to a Helio P20? Epic failAmen

            They should have upgraded to SD 653 or use Helio x25/27.

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              • 10 Feb 2017

              Goodbye Alcatel...what a massive f*ckup. MediaTek processors in low budget phones? Yeah - not a problem, but they shouldn't be in flagship smartphone like an Idol 5 or Idol 5S. If Alcatel really place a MediaTek Chipset there I won't buy that phone.
              Currently they're not able to serve the Idol 4S with recent updates (still security patch from august 2016 installed) - what a creepy show it would be with MediaTek?

              Oh my god...

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                • 10 Feb 2017

                droidprada, 10 Feb 2017From a SD652 to a Helio P20? Epic failI agree. Massive fall in preformance.

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                  • 10 Feb 2017

                  From a SD652 to a Helio P20? Epic fail

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                    • 10 Feb 2017

                    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS... im waiting... I don't care what other people say about alcatel... I have the Idol 4S and the flash plus 2 and very satisfied with both of the products.

                      BOO, Alcatel is terrible, I bought the Idol 4s an it tends to over heat, the only good thing it has is front/back firing speakers.