Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge and Galaxy A3 (2016) get February security patch

13 February 2017
The company has pushed out the February security patch to several of its handsets in the past few days.

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What about A9 Pro 2016. No update. it is a great device

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    • Anonymous
    • Xrk
    • 13 Feb 2017

    Here in Australia on the non-carrier XSA S6 version, our last security update was October 2016!

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      • AnonD-552337
      • X{W
      • 13 Feb 2017

      Good news for A3 2016 mobile user but no any update news about A7 (2015)...?

        Meanwhile my December-bought Samsung Galaxy S7 receives no updates to Nougat and still on December security update. Screw that!

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          • AnonD-632062
          • 3Yc
          • 13 Feb 2017

          226 MB is a bit heavy for just a security update, right? I wish GSMArena provided the translation for the update log like they usually do.....