Meizu M5s goes official with 5.2" IPS screen, octa-core CPU

15 February 2017
The device is powered by a chipset with octa-core processor, and sports a 5.2-inch IPS display.

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Rex Tech, 18 Feb 2017From personal experience and tests done by professionals.I bough... moreWhat are the criteria you base on to tell whether a phone beats another or not ?
Benchmarks ? Antutu specifically ?
Helio P10 100% matches SD 615/617 in most tests. It just depends on the memory optimization. My Doogee Y6 (with MT6750 which is ever weaker than Helio P10) would go up to 40k in Antutu. Which is pretty much the score of a Huawei Honor 5X with SD 615.
And yes, the software optimization counts. Regarding your experience with the MT8753; maybe you had a poorly optimized software on the tablet (yes, this Mediatek chip is a Tablet chip!).
You can't really convince someone that's used to Qualcomm that Mediatek is also worth their money. Most Qualcomm users are more interested in Software updates and kernel sources which is a big drawback on Mediatek powered devices. Surprisingly there is improvement to that too. The Doogee Y6 smartphone I had has recently got (apparently, I no longer have it) Android 7.0 official and stable update whereas most SD devices are still struggling to get an official release like your SO CALLED Redmi Note 3.

Nonta72, 17 Feb 2017What's wrong with Mediatek ??? And don't tell me it is weak. Be... moreFrom personal experience and tests done by professionals.I bought 2 phones,1 with SD 400,it has A7 chipset technology,but it flies through everything and never lags.The other phone has a Mediatek MT8735,which is based on A53.The Media tek one lags during most games,it crashes,over heats and crashes on games that aren't even more than 200 mb in storage.Also the multi tasking on the SD400 is just idk brilliant ? While the Mediatek one did poorly in any multi tasking test and didn't even open messanger after 15 minutes.
After that o saw internet tests online about SD 625 and Mediatek helio x20/25 and 27.The mediatek 20/25 and 27 should be able to be tie to tie on SD 652 but they barely beat or were equal to the 625.By the looks of it Helio 20 and 25 were equal to 625 and the 27 beated it by few nanoseconds.So what can we say about Helio P10,P20 and other weaker chipsets ? Like these chipsets won't be even close or equal to SD 617.
For me the RN3 with only 650 was a beast.The RN4 and Pro with x20 and x25 are literally nothing close to it.Now also android version and software optimization play a huge play and role in the phone performance.20$ isn't much if you are getting a chipset that will last you for years.
Plus by the looks of it.I haven't seen a phone with MediaTek that costs more than 300$.Except HTC that troll.

Rex Tech, 15 Feb 2017A smaller remake of RN3 with a weaker chipset and a Meizu logo.W... moreWhat's wrong with Mediatek ???
And don't tell me it is weak. Because it is cheaper too.
These $20 more you're talking about will cost for some users more than you think!
Anyway, an updated Mediatek chip would have been better than the MT6753.

  • Jason Melling


A smaller remake of RN3 with a weaker chipset and a Meizu logo.Would have been a better deal if it had SD 650 and costed 20$ more.

  • Anonymous

Why do they always use very outdated chipset?

  • AnonD-632062

Another uninspiring design in a Chinese mid-ranger.....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-40493, 15 Feb 2017Why using even more underpowered and older CPU than the last 3 t... moreno. mt6753 has better memory speed but in gaming the 67550 is better, nothing great meizu should have at least gone for p10 to competed with others like xiaomi

  • AnonD-40493

Why using even more underpowered and older CPU than the last 3 times in their supposedly "upgraded" model ? I just don't get it. 6750 is a fine choice for low budget device with 720p display, but 6753's GPU is even worse than 6750...

  • Ithink

usually it is for low-income consumers

  • Anonymous

AnonD-325712, 15 Feb 2017Omg 2017 still using mt6753It does the job so it doesn't matter, and it is a low priced phone. If you want more power and later tech, spend more.

  • Jon.b

Same shit diffrent name

  • Anonymous

even a mediatek p10 would have been better

  • AnonD-325712

Omg 2017 still using mt6753

  • Anonymous

They didn't release info on SoC because it's most likely mediatek 6750 again. The same processor they used for m3, m3s, and m5.