Honor V9 to be available outside China as Honor 8 Pro

16 February 2017
According to a Russian website Honor V9 will be renamed as Honor 8 Pro for international launch.

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  • rich watarious
  • fsT
  • 20 Feb 2017

Wow, I Like this phone, honor brands are very good but yet cheaper than the P series and the Mate series. Honor 8 is one of the best phones in the world, has high resistance to scratches and has one of the highest speeds in phones in the world and is beautiful. I therefore expect Honor 8 pro to be more powerful than the Honor 8. Only thing I don't like so much about this phone is the top and down space above the screen and under the screen are bigger. They should be smaller in ratio like the mate 8. Mate 8 has big screen but small body. That is it.

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    • Anonymous
    • RIE
    • 17 Feb 2017

    Anonymous, 17 Feb 2017They designed it so just because the Chinese market demands... moreIphone with better specs and runs android. Yes, the chinese not stupid enough to spend more on an iphone when they can buy these cheaper brand.

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      • 2Wx
      • 17 Feb 2017

      They designed it so just because the Chinese market demands iPhones/iPhone look-alikes. Oppo for example, shot all the way up the sales charts just because they made an iPhone 6S/7 ripoff.

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        • AnonD-294498
        • 38E
        • 16 Feb 2017

        What the heck? Is this a fake picture? Because iPhone 7 Plus has the finger on the fr... Oh wait... That's not an iPhone!

          Looks like Zenfone 3 Zoom.