Ouch! Samsung Galaxy S II available on pre-order now

24 February, 2011
Galaxy S II - Samsung's most advanced phone up to date - has just popped on pre-order at a UK online retailer. The offer says it can be yours on 31 March for £650. This price will definitely empty lots of ...

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  • jeya

Now its 539

  • AnonD-4505

Galaxy S II is selling for $659 USD with these guys, I placed an order today to get mine


  • Anonymous

damn that's way too much...i hope they lower it..by a lot

  • Hodgey

Galaxy S2 is also available on Mobicity in Australia as well.


  • Ex Nokia E90 User

Did u know that Nokia E90 Communicator, when first released retail as much as Euro 1,240 (US $ 1,714) in South Asia Region ... That's something

  • AnonD-3581

Too much expensive... think about it... 600€ for a cellphone! Common! It's gorgeous... it's more than a phone... yes... but it's 600€!!

  • sad

new date: 06 May 2011

  • cardlraar

Over in the U.S. they are selling the HTC Thunderbolt at $749.00 unlocked w/o a contract so the starting price for the Samsung G S II seems reasonable considering it's built with more power and features.
The Galaxy S II will be my next phone and I will buy it w/o a contract. I'll pay $900 up front instead of $2,500 to $2,800 for the next two years. You can also pre-order the 16GB version and pay £510.00 at http://clove.co.uk I'll wait for it hit our shores before I bite.


really galaxy s that i have is agreat phone

and iam thinknig also galaxy s ii might be more graeater

but iam worry about 2 issues :

1 price

2 delay to come to egypt

thanks ./

  • Goodbye Nokia N8 !

After October 11th when my N8 contract ends and the price (definitely) becomes reasonable, I will be getting rid of my clinkity, clunkity N8 !

  • Dr. Neo

Hmmm. I was waiting for it with the hope that finally i will get rid of my n73 ( hero of its period ) ,but but but i have to rob a bank to buy this. Dammn costly.
Initially my budget was 30,000 rupees but now planning to add 2k more from my pocket money and will wait till rates drops.

  • AYPatil

[deleted post]I have a N8, a Wave, a Galaxy s, N8 is d best amongst nokia but somehow wave n galaxy is gives outta the world experince!

  • AYPatil

[deleted post]I have a N8, a Wave, a Galaxy s, N8 is d best amongst nokia but somehow wave n galaxy is gives outta the world experince!

  • Anonymous

Hello do somebody know which part of the world will get Tegra 2-SGSII and which part will get Exynos-SGSII?

  • Anonymous

These prices are always extra high and out of proportion at the start,you'll find they will be around the 550 euro mark even a week or two after release. Furthermore networks will subsidize the price when locked to their networks meaning you could pick one of these up for about 480 euro on pay as you go

  • mimi

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2011Never, ever purchase a phone from the UK. The right price f... moreSorry , do you think Samsung Galaxy S II is a 'second-hand' mobile phone? ..think twice Brother!

  • xuzio

i think i will say goodbye to galaxy S 2

  • AnonD-252

[deleted post]Dream on, even Nokia have decided to slowly but definetly abandon Symbian! Symbian will only "live" until the first WP7 Nokia are released by early next year.
The browser on N8 is still the worst of all mobile browsers, and the camera is not as good as you fans think because the new cameras from Sony Ericsson give better pictures.
ZTE Blade run Android 2.2 on 600 MHz ARM 11 processor, and prove that Symbian is not more "efficient" than Android.

  • Cirez

ha ha ha joke £650 r they gone nuts..... i used to think that iphone was d only overprised phone...but now if smasung think that if their products r expencive it will sell more.......thats wrong


Wtf!Is this a laptop or what?!All this money for what?For slightly better phone than Samsung S?No thanks. All these greedy firms...