iOS 4.3 is ready for next week launch, iPhone 5 might have NFC

24 February, 2011
According to people close to Apple, the iOS 4.3 has reached Gold status and should become available rather soon. Meanwhile an Apple patent sketch reveals unknown iPhone with an eWallet icon that can mean only...

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  • Dammit

Tim, 01 Mar 2011This new iPhone 5 looks like a Samasung Galaxy S II copy. C... moreummm, did u ever notice that the Samsung Galaxy S kinda looks like the iPhones...? maybe Samsung should come up with their own original designs....

  • Tim

This new iPhone 5 looks like a Samasung Galaxy S II copy. Can't apple come up with somthing original rather than a touch screen with big icons. If this thing can make calls without a deathgrip causing the signal to cut out I think Samsung should file a copyright lawsuit.

  • AnonD-324



  • AnonD-1404

Actually, if you measure the iPhone 4 diagonally, it's about 4.75". If they made the screen cover the whole front, it'll keep it's current size but have a huge screen. Of course this is hypothetical since you'll need a small space for the earpiece, but they can certainly do away with the big home button and stretch the screen a bit to about 4.5" and keep the same external dimensions. That would be cool if the iPhone 5 was like this.

  • Anonymous

4.3 is badly needed,4.2.1 has been awful for freezing and causing massive loads of calls being dropped,coupled with a poor antenna this have caused forums worldwide to be full of customers agry with dropped calls. Software won't fix the poor antenna signal but might help the pain

  • Anonymous

I am an iPhone user I am doing the post on the phone.
The screen is great and it has some good games. But that is
All I can say for it I really don't get tue fuss with the iPhone.
As for the iPad can someone give me a break it's just a big iPhone it's not
Magic. Yes I know iPad is coming but it will just be a few features that
Everyone will be wondering why they didn't add to the first one. Making something
Thinner i don't really call a feature. I like the style of the N8 but the software has
Had it's day. As for Android it's a work in progress that nobody seems to really spend the time
Working out the lags and bugs, it's ok having all these high powered phones but if
Google needs to work out fragmentation and make a rule that all phones who are able should
Get an update.

  • phoneshop77

anyone who is boasting about their n8 should be shot down in flames. the constant glitching makes the phone a disaster in its self. symbian, wow. how they have advanced through the years. its about as dated as my atari st. okay so it has a 12mp camera, not a bad quality camera but who needs that on a phone? who blows their pictures up above facebook size anyway?

all in all the n8 was suppose to be a flagship nokia which has just let them down. i was looking forward to the release of it and after being at the pre launch. my thoughts changed. to say it people, dont be sheep and follow the crowd. turn around and head towards a different high end phone.

  • Anonymous

Why not iwallet.,. lol.. apple changing to E instead.

  • Cgreve

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2011I dont want to be part of this arguement but to be fair to ... moreThat is correct. But in the other hand, when the first automobile saw the light whe didnt talked much about the first man who actually invented the wheel. When the first rocket went to the moon, we didnt talked about the chineese who invented firework.

  • Retina

Would you N8 fans keep away from any other product posting on gsmarena...You people talk so highly of your N8, its clearly not the best mobile in the world "apple won the awward" and the CEO of nokia said that there not even close to the first gen iphone yet. So stop writting about your N8 please, because no one cares

  • Jay

Iphone 5 will have NFC this is old news, they started to test this more than 6 months ago.
Here in the Netherlands, they test it with a dutch company, who are specialized in NFC.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-291, 25 Feb 2011u should buy an ipad or galaxy tab 10.2, they are much bigg... moreI agree with all of that.....except there is the dell streak with a 5 inch screen, you may want to call it a tablet, but at the end of the day it is designed to be a phone. not that it helps, the device is far to unstable to be a solid choice.

  • AnonD-291

phoneaddict, 25 Feb 2011I'll buy IPHONE 5 if it has a 4.8" or 5" screen a... moreu should buy an ipad or galaxy tab 10.2, they are much bigger. iphone 5 is not going to come with such a huge screen.

even the galaxy s is big for the pocket, so my point is that anything larger than 4" or 4.2" wont fit. and i doubt any manufacturer will create a phone of 5 inches.

  • Anonymous

phoneaddict, 25 Feb 2011I'll buy IPHONE 5 if it has a 4.8" or 5" screen a... more5 inch. Lol.

  • phoneaddict

george, 24 Feb 2011Near Field Communication allready present in Galaxy S II!Ev... moreI'll buy IPHONE 5 if it has a 4.8" or 5" screen and it must be able play flash vidoes. Current screen is small to my standard, nothing to boost about or proud off. No matter how good the resolution or whatever, Iphone is still a low class smartphone to me.

  • $H@H

Is this IOS 4.3 update available for iphone 3gs ????

  • Anonymous

Samsung Galaxy SII already has NFC.

  • Bricked

rawno1 , 25 Feb 2011how can you compare the n8 to the iphone the n8 is for bett... moreI can compare the two because I now have both. The N8 is here next to me and offers a very poor user experience, which is what the iphone excels at. The three page homescreen is a good idea, with the widgets, but that's about it. Nokia is an AWFUL social networking device. The email is about the best of it.

Nice camera though. I expected more though.

I can't comment on Android, but I'm thinking of sending my N8 back to swap for the Desire HD....

  • Ice man

george, 24 Feb 2011Near Field Communication allready present in Galaxy S II!Ev... moreYou got a point there. Ha ha ha...

  • wot the

some of you people have far too much time on your hands

viva la iphone