Huawei Watch 2 comes in two versions, there's a Porsche Design model too

26 February 2017
The Watch 2 classic has a 316L stainless steel chassis, the non-classic model features a plastic body and a sporty look.

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  • Alan

Seriously this looks not good like the LG G Watch R plus its made of Plastic??? Downgrade all the way. Poor showing Huawei.

  • Anonymous

still a bit weak battery, not worth it until we can use a phone like that for atleast 1 week...

  • AnonD-405901

For that amount I'll rather buy S3 Gear

  • AnonD-647930

i dont see any mention off ambient sensor display tech like in the LG/samsung watches where its in the screen

  • Anonymous

Not sale in indonesia?? :(

  • AnonD-625786

Really digging the design and the watch in the black color!

  • teddy

Well not bad. Bit disapointing to see saphire glass gone now. Using 1st huawei watch here and its a must feature for any smartwatch imo...

  • AnonD-632062

Why does the new Huawei Watch 2 have more bezel than the original Watch? It makes the original one looks more cool....

With those ugly numbers on the bezel, this is an automatic no-buy. I know how to read a watch, and I can only assume that most people who buy watches do to